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Metal Taiwan Map

After making my second metal map of Japan, I went on for Taiwan this time with the same style and technique. For the first time I hang up a map like this in my own wall

And I am alive - still!

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Tamriel Map IV

Time to continue. After the complete conture’s transfer to the new paper sheet, I had to work on the mountains all again what could be up to 250 at least. Of course I haven’t count but the way my hand felt, I knew there were way too much. Next step would be the waves and forests but without the location’s labels it’s kinda difficult. Would be sad to have a lovely forest drawn and no space left to label it afterwards.

That’s why I first have written down the labels to my template sheet. I had to think about how far I go into detail. In ...Read more

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A few images from the fair

Since the release of the Olympus OM-D EM-5 camera, I’ve been using it quite often in combination with my old 4/3 lenses and played around with the new features. The light weigth now allows me to take the camera with me any time any place and without trouble. So this morning as I went to work, I’ve stoped close to a golf field, that I pass every morning – with this lovely sunrise, if it hasn’t risen already.

(use of...Read more

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Heatherman goes German

This site will be going multilingual. Since the beginning it has been in English but now it will also continue with German – if everything works smooth.

Of course it will be more work but that will make it more easy for local friends to read the stuff.

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Walking through Ulm

Yesterday I’ve been walking through town with my camera to take some shots. It’s really easy to take images when you are traveling to some place you don’t know very well because beeing in town has become a too familiar location. But sometimes there will pop up some new ideas or some old ones of already missed opportunities.

The Ulmer Münster appears to be stuck in Ulm’s well known fog.  The majestic and world’s ...Read more

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Tamriel Map II

It’s April and typically for this month we have what we call, the april weather. That’s unsettled weather of it’s best kind. Sun, rain, wind, sun wind rain, rain, sun and so on.

When I pack up work and the weather is in my favor, I sometimes take out the big board, where the draft is nailed on, outside the garden. Recently did so and continued with the western and southern coastline including High Rock, Hammerfell, Sunset Island, Valenwood, Elsweyr, Cyrodiil and Blackmarsh. After finishing the by rivers pervaded Blackmarsh, I had to pu...Read more

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Olympus Badge

Recently I had an small idea to improve the appearance of my camera bag. Usually when people carry their cameras, you can recognize the brand by the carrying strap, most time titled with Canon, Nikon or Sony. Since I use Olympus and hardly carry my camera outside the bag due to it’s size and weight(when fully equipped), I’d still like to show, what kind of camera I use.

Of course it should look very unique and special and so it happened, that I’ve made my own custom badge. Planing, constructing and execution have been done within only...Read more

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My Elder Scrolls Tamriel Map

I’m into the game series since The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind, released in 2002. After TESIII, Oblivion pleased the RPG gamer community with a new vast open world and fantastic graphics. Then on 11th November 2011, the fifth game of the series called Skyrim took it up to the next level.

Each game so far took place in one province of the continent Tamriel.  Hammerfell and High Rock have been the first ones in TESI Arena and TESII Daggerfall. Morrowind, Cyrodiil and Skyrim are the most recent provinces. Since Arena, there ...Read more

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China 2011 Gallery

Just uploaded images for the album  China2011

Check out the gallery

(AnD Users need to check it from here)

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Two new Albums

Just uploaded images for the two albums Cologne 2009  and Berlin 2011

Check out the gallery

(AnD Users need to check it from here)

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