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TGIF Friends!

Some people are lucky enough to see our beloved Vanness.

Take care friends and enjoy the movie with him (next week)

As for me, been really busy for a while. I had to train 3 new people in our room and also do my everyday routine tasks as Asst Team Leader. Meanwhile, we received a bad news that one of our Admin staff (Mario) passed away last Monday due to cardiac arrest. May God Bless him and Rest in Peace.

About Him:His been a very good staff to us. He was the one who took care of everything: from attendance check, to e...Read more

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Can't wait!

Been busy with work, whats new?

As the day goes by,tasks are getting heavier...I wanted to cry!

Just woke up and read this very good news @ OnlyF4. Thanks Michi!

Quote: received news that "F4 JAPAN TOUR 2008"CONCERT PHOTO BOOK & MEMORIAL DVD (3pcs dvd) will be released in 25th march

Price 10000yen (approximately SGD168)

Gosh, I should love my work so that I can earn more $$$!!!

Spread the Good News. Am so excited about this.

hahahaha. Read more

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Wishing you a great 2009!

Wishing you a great 2009!Am too lazy to recapped everything happened in 2008 but am pretty sure that i really did enjoyed the entire year.For now, I'll be very busy. You know --- work work workNo plans for this year --- just join the bandwagon.For those people who were very good to me last 2008 -- Thank You and I Love YouFor those people who would like to "turn" me down -- Come On, it's 2009. MOVE ON, B!tches!!!heheheThe party has just started --- Let's Get Retarded!

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[December 27] ProudlyFilipina.com - Spa-rty

Overview (from their Press Release):

ProudlyFilipina.com is an online magazine and social network. An All-Filipina International Website that has a main goal of uniting all Filipinas all over the world.

This site is a great venue of exchanging views, stories, ideas, and opinions as well as to promote th...Read more

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[Christmas] Pampanga Giant Parols

I attended the midnight mass (Christmas Eve) @ Pampanga together with Familia Wu este Malig (nyahahaha).At last I finally saw these huge parols. I recorded one presentation, there were 9 actually.Sarap i-take home

.Misyel and Weng

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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