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In nyc just finished mastering the kasabian record.  It sounds really good.  Had japanese bbq with just blaze and he was all excited about the new canon camera.  He was actually carrying one with him.  It shoots some pretty impressive video. It's pretty cold out here.  I tried to do some christmas shopping but only ended up getting myself a hat to wear immediately

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The G10? That and the LX3 are looking pretty good to replace my Ricoh. But maybe you're talking about something totally different...
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nice, get him to send him a few yakiniku pics for your next blog!
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ya ... didn't do any xmas shopping here. somehow ... it doesn't feel like xmas here in hk....
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You and Just Blaze working on something together? That'll be dope, a Handsome Boy Modeling trio along with Paul...could be an idea.. yeah, it's break out in NYC, but, that's my kind of town.
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