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Terence Yin

New ep coming soon   finished work on it a few weeks ago   should be an enjoyable listen

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checking in

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New Crudo video up "Let's Go" from the shinjuku incident

Crudo (dan the automator and mike patton)  new video for the song "let's go" featured in the shinjuku incident featuring jackie chan and daniel wu
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLqY6vJg8uc

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In nyc just finished mastering the kasabian record.  It sounds really good.  Had japanese bbq with just blaze and he was all excited about the new canon camera.  He was actually carrying one with him.  It shoots some pretty impressive video. It's pretty cold out here.  I tried to do some christmas shopping but only ended up getting myself a hat to wear immediately

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work break

just finished a really long work run that started in europe and finally ended yesterday in sf. The results:Anais lp will be released in France in November.  The single was the #2 most added song in France in 1 dayKasabian  new lp coming out early next year.  

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    just spent about a month in paris doing a new record.   good food and such and good record as well.  Then went straight to england to start another record.  In leicester which is pretty removed from the rest of the world.  I am staying in a suburb that feels a lot  like indiana.  All and all good fun at any rate.  

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    played our first show last night at the gamh in sf.  Sold out and very fun.  I think people had a really good time.  sitting in seattle right now at the hotel 1000 which is really nice.  have to play sasquatch tomorrow.  Festivals can be hit and miss so hopefully it goes well.

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The heat and things

    It has been really hot in San Francisco almost 100  which may not be so hot to some but we aren't equipped for it and basically no one has air conditioning. Allergies are still really bad to the point of making people pretty sick Have been getting the band ready for 2 Crudo shows next week.  It is sounding really good. I do like the noodles on sawtelle as well as in Gardena although I haven't had a chance to go in a while.  Mifune is good for udon up here but I have yet to find any fresh soba up here.  Santa in San Mateo is al...Read more

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I now have 5 friends

    I have increased my friends by 500% !  That's pretty good,  if I was a stock I would be doing incredibly well. Was  in the studio with Mike tonight working on one of our new songs,  it is sounding really good.  We just got a really big placement in a new movie which is pretty cool since the record isn't going to be out for a while. Also have been rehearsing as we have 2 teaser shows in may. Had to dj this art opening last night.  Randomly saw Daniel's friend Jimmy. Allergies have been really bad in SF.  Have tried  a few ...Read more

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Eric Nakamura

    is my only friend which is ok except for the fact that he is my cousin, so he has to be my friend.   Continuing work on the Crudo album with Mike Patton.  It will be really good (for people who like this style of music) Probably going to start a project soon which will take me to france.  If anyone knows good eating places in Paris... Bought some barbells today

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