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Dante Fawkes

The Aftermath of Kollaboration ATL2

Kollaboration ATL2 was dope!! 1,100 sold out venue! Big thanks to PK, Roy Choi, Kollab ATL Staff, judges, and all the performers for putting on such a great event!!!


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Live @ Kollaboration ATL @ Centerstage & Club Pure

Whats happenin society!

I'm just letting all the Atlanta heads know that I have two shows this coming Saturday, April 11th!

1st one is at Centerstage for Kollaboration ATL2

Purchase tickets @!

2nd one is a guest performance at Club Pure afterwards!!

More info on the flyers below! So make sure you come out, check the music, and come kick it wit me!

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Rough Day

Pretty much how my day went, in bullet format:

12pm- My car broke down at a toll booth on Highway 400, on my way to Emory University to meet up with some artists I'm collaborating with; I ended up having to push the car 4 lanes over the emergency lane.

2pm- My boy came to jump start my car; he was on his way to Emory, so I just followed behind him

Around 4:30pm- I'm ready to leave Emory. My car is parked across from the school at CVS. There's a boot on my car; I had to pay $75 to get it taken off. My car won't start again. My friend at Emory comes and jumps my car again.

Around 5:00pm- I'm on Interstate 85 headed back up to Marietta, my car breaks down in the middle of the highway during rush hour. I manage to weave through and get my car rolled over to the emergency lane, safely.

Around 7pm- I call my friend. He says he's on his way to come help me jump start my car and to follow me home, just in case my car decides to die out again in the middle of driving. Around the same time, Metro Atlanta's Highway Assistance team comes and jumps starts my car for me, free of charge. I drive my car about 2 exits down to the Shell gas station to wait for my friend. My car dies again as I pull into the gas station.

Around 9pm- My friend arrives, jump starts my car. I drive towards my house, my friend following behind me. 5 minutes later, my engine light turns on, my headlights go out, and soon enough my car dies again. I coast my car into a Suntrust bank. The car wouldn't jump at first. I had to reset the ECU, and then the car jumped. We head back out onto the road

Around 9:15- We're on Cobb Parkway, in front of Cumberland Mall, where my car dies out again in a shady parking lot across the Barnes and Nobles. The car doesn't respond to the jump, even after I reset the ECU again. My friend had to leave due to personal reasons. I call another friend, who is more knowledgeable on cars.

Around 10pm- My other friend arrives. We pop the hood open, he tests some things out and come to the conclusion that my alternator is fucked. We spend the next 15 minutes trying to decide how to get my car towed to my house, without paying a millions dollars. He renews his AAA membership, and 15 minutes later, AAA arrives We went to grab some food at Hooters, which was right next door, as we waited for AAA.

Around 11pm- AAA arrives, my car gets towed to my house. I had to go to the Wachovia ATM at Quicktrip to get cash to pay the guy.

11:30pm- I hate life.

There is a whole bunch of stuff that happened in between all of this too, but this is enough typing for me tonight. This day also reminded me of how there are so many assholes in Atlanta, experienced with my run ins with certain people who pulled over around me to try to fuck with me. =)

Good day!


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Testing Testing 3..2..1!

Whats good society?!

About time I joined this online community to create another outlet to keep everyone updated on ATL Hip Hop! I'll be trying to keep you updated as much as I can. I posted some videos below from recent shows and recent remixes/songs that I have recorded. Also, I have a photoshoot coming up on Monday so new pics and new video blogs will be here in no time!




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