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Blog: Wednesday, Jun 29

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Now its REALLY Official...

I would update you on what life has been like since I've been in Singapore, but you may want to watch this to catch a glimpse :  http://www.foodnetworkasia.com/tv-shows/a-culinary-coup-the-launch-of-ku-de-ta.htmlPlease join in watching on Monday April 18 @ 8pm for our World Premier (nuts right?!?!)The show will air on the Cooking Channel in the US & on Food Network UK in September.For me, this program is dedicat...Read more

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It's Official!



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Sep 3, 2010

Staging a Ku De Ta

Classy restaurant-club

brand from Bali will open at the SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands this month

<...Read more
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Aspiring TV Star... :)

Shot this last year in hopes of landing a TV spot... I ended up being the producer's first choice, but the show is still'In development' as they say.Keep your fingers crossed for me in 2010!!!

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Umami Concepts

So one of the most common questions I get these days is, "So Chef, what are you doing these days??" Ok, not everyone calls me 'Chef', but the questions remains : what does a chef do if he doesn't have a restaurant?!?! In 2009, after I opened M1NT Shanghai, I formed a company with another chef and good friend, Nolan Ledarney. We transformed his recruiting/consulting company Umami Solutions into Umami Concepts, a boutique culinary consulting firm. Which begs the question : What the hell does that mean?Well... we do a variet...Read more

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Pass me some of that Fried Chicken

Pictures to follow, but I just wanted to share this with y'all... Last night I cooked dinner. I was planning for 10 but 12 showed up whichis fine... no problem. The menu :Fried ChickenButtermilk Biscuits & White GravyCollard Greens & Bacon (well I used )Black-eyes PeasFriends brought some cheese & crackers, ice cream and a few bottles of wine & beers. All together is was a lovely meal and although we all could have eaten more,I think everyone was well fed.What I wanted to share is that I spent hkd$357 a...Read more

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More Cooking with Friends

So it was my buddy Brenton's birthday yesterday... so this blog is for him! The following did nto happen yesterday. Actually we did the cooking a couple months ago, but we all know I've got some catching up to do... So Brenton and I thought it would be good to do a bit of a boys night. Hang out, cook steaks & drink red wine. Brenton is an ace cook and has a fully equipped kitchen (not to mention a fantastic wine cellar). He is constantly cutting recipes from the newspaper and trying them out. But tonight we were keeping ...Read more

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I know its been a while...

I dont even know where to start... And that really is the problem. It has been SO very long since I have added a blog entry that the guilt and shame is actually overshadowed but the fact that I have just SO much to catch you up on... (is that proper grammar?)So this is it, folks. I'm back. I'm blogging.... I'm gonna blog t...Read more

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Cookin with Calvin Ku

so its saturday night... and i just got back to zuma after spending a few hours in the kitchen of HALO with Calving Ku, the exec chef of HALO (amongst other things.)

we are getting ready for the alive not deadone year anniversary party, making about 1200 pieces of snacks for our artists to enjoy... =) so far the menu is:

 * tomato, shiso & lime bruschetta * grilled chicken with barley miso * scallops, pancetta & nori * soy-soaked tuna & wasabi tobiko * roasted portobello mushrooms with siracha chili * steak ...Read more

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Finally on AnD!

i met the boys and girls of Alive Not Dead just over a year ago...

right before the launch of the site i guess. since then i've had

the privilege of watching the site grow... all the while saying,

"Pat... i'll put up my profile next week, honest!"

anyway, i've always thought of cooking as more of a craft than

an art, but there is a certain artistry in making restaurants

and the dining experience... hopefully i'll get a chance to explore

that here on AnD.

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