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  • Kung Fu Hustle

    Monday, Dec 10, 2007 2:28PM / Standard Album / Members only
    3 pictures / 7103 views

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  • koreangirl123
    posted on Thursday, Feb 14, 2013 11:28AM [Report]
    Wow very handsome guy!!!!
  • carioca_rj
    posted on Friday, Jan 13, 2012 3:07AM [Report]
    Oiiiiiiiii ...    How were Christmas and New Year ?! :) :D ...   I watched Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer and lovedddddddd ... Very good movies ...  Congratulations and thank you ... :)  :D  :D
  • amialone
    posted on Monday, Aug 15, 2011 11:03AM [Report]
  • Tisha
    posted on Saturday, Jul 30, 2011 2:19AM [Report]
    This is my favorite scene of Kungfu Hustle
  • Tisha
    posted on Saturday, Jul 30, 2011 2:17AM [Report]
    youre really handsome but im sure youve heard that  millions of time im a huge fan
  • gloriaex
    posted on Monday, Jul 5, 2010 11:44AM [Report]
    i didn't know it was u when i first watched this movie-.-
  • Rhiannon
    posted on Saturday, Mar 6, 2010 2:24PM [Report]
  • JennyLover
    posted on Saturday, Jan 2, 2010 2:01PM [Report]
    is nice
  • nlmh
    posted on Sunday, Nov 8, 2009 1:51AM [Report]
  • Axin
    posted on Sunday, Sep 27, 2009 8:58PM [Report]
  • maypark
    posted on Thursday, Sep 10, 2009 2:00AM [Report]
    i love Kung Fu Hustle ^^
  • chenxiaoxian
    posted on Monday, Apr 27, 2009 6:49PM [Report]
  • Inshing
    posted on Monday, Feb 9, 2009 7:54PM [Report]
  • mohit
    posted on Wednesday, Jan 21, 2009 2:11PM [Report]
    Now who is the mafia
  • mohit
    posted on Wednesday, Jan 21, 2009 2:07PM [Report]
    Lighter plz
  • Insect
    posted on Saturday, Oct 18, 2008 7:52PM [Report]
    然后 小刚哥 就这么挂了
  • loveeds
    posted on Thursday, Oct 16, 2008 2:16PM [Report]
    哈哈~这种眼神 .very cool ~
  • lucjohnnyking
    posted on Wednesday, Aug 27, 2008 6:13PM [Report]
    吼吼, 看过你在功夫里面的精彩演出, very cool~
  • ayya
    posted on Wednesday, Aug 27, 2008 3:18PM [Report]
    I love this film! said has mister Chow to go on! with memes actor of course ;)
  • brujita72
    posted on Thursday, Aug 14, 2008 1:52PM [Report]
    you are wonderful in this movie
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