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Just watched ONCE, What a great film!  well, we now know what important role music plays in this film! I love that scene from the piano shop and the scene with her walking home, of course the ending was great too! go watch this little wonderful film!

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Where did she get her Self-righteousness?

I just received a message from an unknown person named Lisa Vos from facebook. I'm shocked what she said, I don't understand where did she get her self-righteousness. Read this:   

 Every day in China many dogs are SKINNED ALIVE which means slow and torturing death. I hacve seen films from China farms and made me sick to know that the country which claims to be the oldest civilization has not moved from barbarism. Dogs are best human friends and they help blind people and invalides, also police in cri...Read more

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Obama or Clinton?

Trying to make up my mind whether I should go for Obama or Clinton. I like both of them and I do believe they'll be a good president....I'll make up my mind.

The weather in Sanya Island has been rainy and cloudy....disappointing! Huayi Bros. will be having their annual new year party tonight, most people will arrive this afternoon and it'll be fun!

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Cold weather!

I can't wait to get over this cold weather...too cold! I do like cold weather but not for too long....well, the good thing is that I will heading to Sanya, Hainan on 31st along with Huayi Bros. people...I have to say this two bros. have been good to their artists,  inviting everybody to go to sanya twice  a year, that's pretty cool, right! All their talents will be there as well. It'll be fun!

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I went to see THE WARLORD the other day with Beaver. I thought that Jet Li done a good job. But I don't get what the film wants to say and all the battle scenes are boring.... Technically Hong Kong's film has improved a lot but not the content..

By the way, We almost got into a fight with a guy who was talking on the phone in the theater, his wife was much more ferocious. I get really aggressive when I see people don't respect others.

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Jet lagged

i went to Germany for Christmas right  after I got back from Brazil. I'm so jet lagged! Brazil was hot and covered with sunlight  while Germany was freezing cold and covered with snow, well, perfect for Christmas and also for lung cleansing. Both countries have very clean air compare to Beijing. Well, actually, the BJ air has gotten better here.

Why do I love Beijing since It's crowded with people and congested traffics and the polluted air? I sometimes ask myself. I guess it's the people, I love the people here, people makes t...Read more

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Won The Best Director at Brasilia International Film Festival

This is my first time writing something on my blog. I still don't like the idea of blog, it's kinda vain to write something about you to other people. Well, I'll get used to it since I'm kinda vain myself.

I just won the best director award at the 9th Brasilia international film festival in Brazill, it's cool! I spent 12 days in Brazil and I love Brazil! A beautiful country!

...<a href=Read more

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