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how to put on cosplay wig

1,  first , wrap up your hair.

2, Put on party wigs from back to front of your head, fixed forehead first, then hands back the wig, to cover all of hair.

3, clear up the wig piece by piece. make sure no baby hair remain outside.

4, comb wig. Around before and after refitting, especially pay attention to the position of the ears, and then use the comb.

5, disrupted hairstyle. Sprayed hairspray, will catch chaos at random with the hand, hair looks more natural.

How to wear a wig: collect hair 】 【 pack up their hair, and improving the head type. Short hair girl can directly jump to the next point:

A. the hair is divided into four areas, respectively with a rubber band in the pianpian afterbrain spoon, and then the four bundle hair on the scalp by clockwise with small black clip, so that we can improve otherwise very flat head type into convex head type; (of course there are many different hair accept method, here introduces a kind of only)

B. to black clamp head hidden in the hair, avoid the hook to the wig hair net;

C. to gush a few to finalize the design water make a circle around hairline hair break;

Products & tools: rubber band, the little black clip

Wear a hair net effect 】 : the hair is wrapped inside a hair net, make the maintenance more stick head type. Ahead of the point: once upon a time in the future, dai dai is low, then slowly toward the back, such ability make sure no any broken hair stay below the hairline. His hands holding the ancient temples, began to wear on the head, should be a little while, when the mirror observation has been put on, again with both hands holding the head, make net move back to the right place.

Wig effect 】 : remove hair solution points:

A. remove the wig (hair extension), comb, spray short-tempered remover. Nylon yarn is must comb with steel or wooden comb! A wig can't spray modelling product!

B. hold two temples a wig (front lace wig)

C. check head type - if the wig is not appear empty is not good-looking, can put the ear clip after two clamps

D. hairline, temples and line

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