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Actor , Make Up Artist (MUA) , Dancer , Dance Choreographer , Painter
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Inauguración de juego intercolegiales #miluzka #cami #loui #haciendoloqueamamos "aprovecha las oportunidades" #sonrie

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Tenaz ahora si puedo decir que han sido 4 largos años de amistad jajajaj :3 Te Quiero :D

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Premios corte final #miluzka ?

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행복 #followyourdream #works #화이팅� #smile "삶이 힘들어도 끝까지 포기 말아 하늘이 네 곁을 지켜줄 거야 너의 발걸음이 힘겨워 소리 내어 주저앉아 한숨 지어 보지만 한번 더. 당당하 게 하늘 봐 이제 시작일 뽄이야 어깰 펴 네 안에 같은 네가 있어 힘들 어도 포기 말아 너의 미래 일어나 손을 잡아 세상을 가져..." - 제이민 _ 일어나 - "even of life is hard, don't give up the skies will protect you, even if you footsteps are heavy and you fall down with a groan and sigh, one more try. Confidently look at the sky, this is only the beginning, widen your shoulders the same you is inside if you though it's hard, Don't give up your future, stand up and take my hand and ha...Read more

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antesdelapresentacion #valen #danza #amiga #amoloquehago "si trabajas en lo que amas, jamas trabajaras en toda tu vida"

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Definitivamente me encanta el resonador de este hombre o.o :3 -

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My family ? I love you #사란해❤️ #가족 #어머니 #여동생

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Asi como cuando vas perdiendo, pero ganas? Asi? Asi! #meganeuncholado #rosca #meencantanlosjuegos #mediviertoconnada

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Noche con mi hermana #cine #yelnoviodeella #violinistatime ?

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Onta... Bebe!!!! Aquí ta!!!! <3 • <3 #elnuevo #mentiras #peroloame

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