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CRSeries Group Moderators -Chosen-

Hey everyone,

This is a follow up to the applications I opened for CRSeries Group Moderators which you can see here.

It took a few days but I finally decided on who will moderate these groups. Without further ado, I present to you the first batch of CRSeries Group Moderators!

Naruto Series Group Mods

  • xOSkittlesOx

  • NeoFirefoxdzl

  • HazyMonsoon

Naruto Shippuuden Series Group Mods

  • xOSkittlesOx

  • naruto0191

  • MattChristy

Bleach Series Group Mods

  • Kippu

  • Reaper_ed

  • lys46

Hope you'll all play nice with them and hope they'll play nice with you too. @_@

P.S. There will be more CRSeries Group moderator applications to come in the relatively near future.

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[5 Sept] This week's site changes

'm sure you guys have noticed something about the video pages look a little different... well,

theres a new subtitle tab that appeared from thin air a few hours ago! Now if there's a video that you want to have subtitled into a language (and is not already subtitled), you can upload a .srt/.ssa file, or use the nifty CR subtitle tool to create the subtitle! we even take requests for videos to be subtitled, and people who subtitle requested videos will even get recognized as a top subtitler (and get CR points.. yay!)

New features:

  • enhanced video page design! theres now tabs for media info related videos, and oh yeah... subtitles -_-

  • you can now upload or create a subtitle (in any language!), or submit a request for subtitle of any video from the subtitle tab =D

  • top requests and top subtitler page ( link from subtitle tab) shows which translation of a video everyone want the most, and who's the bestest at making or uploading subtitles

  • CR points will now be rewarded for helping create subs or uploading subs, the user profile pages show subtitle stats for each user as well

  • Flash video player in full screen mode hides the mouse cursor (yayy!!)

  • Minimum of 15 characters is required in all forum posts, please type more >.<


  • video thumbnailing for .asf files has been fixed!

  • forum thread favoriting layout works correctly now

  • issue with uploaded subtitles not showing up when uploaded with a video fixed

  • series and video tags behaving weirdly on deletes and edits should work now

  • user profile page had margin that was cutting off the personal info text, works now

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