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CRSeries Group Moderators -Chosen-

Hey everyone,

This is a follow up to the applications I opened for CRSeries Group Moderators which you can see here.


It took a few days but I finally decided on who will moderate these groups. Without further ado, I present to you the first batch of CRSeries Group Moderators!

Naruto Series Group Mods

  • xOSkittlesOx

  • NeoFirefoxdzl

  • HazyMonsoon

Naruto Shippuuden Series Group Mods

  • xOSkittlesOx

  • naruto0191

  • MattChristy

Bleach Series Group Mods

  • Kippu

  • Reaper_ed

  • lys46

Hope you'll all play nice with them and hope they'll play nice with you too. @_@

P.S. There will be more CRSeries Group moderator applications to come in the relatively near future.

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