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From Daniel's Blog | 轉自吳彥祖博客(Cruiser短片) | 转自吴彦祖博客(Cruiser短片)

[ Taken from Daniel's Blog ] Why a chicken?

I’m not sure really. I’ve had a strange fascination with chickens since college. Their existence often baffles me. Why are they on this planet? Do they exist only to be eaten? Being the lowest mammal in the food chain, I often feel sorry for them...Read more

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Daniel Wu - "The Boxer" | 吳彥祖 - "拳手" | 吴彦祖- "拳手"

Having gotten my feet my wet directing 2 music videos for AnD.com I was eager to get behind the camera again.  And when ...Read more

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Conroy's Color: 24 Herbs | 子聰的真色彩:24 Herbs | 子聪的真色彩:24 Herbs

Conroy's short film was the easiest to conceive. As you all know, Conroy has been hard at work with his rap group 24 Herbs.  So it is very easy to conclude what's C...Read more

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Cruiser Short for Terence

[taken from kit hui's blog]

It was exactly a year ago, I was in Hong Kong with my producer at the time and T told me that they were gearing up to go to Japan to shoot a short.  I hung out with him after his return and before I took off, he told me about the trip, the idea and what they wanted to do fo...Read more

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Looking For Color In The Big City | 在大都市尋找真色彩 | 在大都市寻找真色彩

For my short film, I wanted play with the colors of Hong Kong's nightscape and contrast that with the melancholy and lack of direction that many of us feel living in the big city.  The routine of your life somehow blinds...Read more

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Cruiser Ninja Andrew

[taken from kb's blog]

I can't believe it was only a year ago that we did the ninja!  Since every party involved has blogged about it, I feel compelled to put my two yen in...

It was an innocent beginning when Terence called me and asked if he could crash at my place with a couple of his friends while they worked in tokyo.  Luckily, I was not busy at the time an...Read more

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Guerilla shoot + ninja costume + Toyko = SUPER FUN

[taken from kim chan's blog]ok.......  here we go....Guerilla shoot + ninja costume + Toyko = SUPER FUN

i hve to say it was so much fun to shoot this project in tokyo, specially working with Andrew, Terence and Phat, also couple of new friends that i met in tokyo- "KB san" and "Peter Chan san"  !!!  They're awesome<...Read more

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Me=Ninja (Cruiser short film) | 我=忍者(Cruiser短片)

[Taken from andrew lin's blog]Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are finally launching our short films for cruiser!!!

I'd shot my part of the short film in Tokyo almost a year ago.  We shot the whole film within a week of time. It was a tough shoot but very memorable.  I had so much fun working w...Read more

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Andrew 's Quest To Be A Bad-Ass Ninja! | 連凱成為日本超級忍者之路! | 连凯成为日本超级忍者之路!

This is the 1st film we produced and in many ways the most ambitious.  We shot pretty much the entire film on location in Japan as the concept for Andrew's color is that he wants to fulfill his lifelong dream of becomi...Read more

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What's Your Color? Find Your True Color!!! | 你的顏色是什麽? 找到你的真色彩!!! | 你的颜色是什么?找到你的真色彩!!!

Welcome everybody to the Cruiser page on alivenotdead!  Some of you may know that the Alive boys were hired by Cruiser to endorse their product through a series of print ads and events in Taiwan and China.  As part of the deal, they also commissioned us to shoot 4 short films for them based on their brand slogan, "What's Your Color...Read more

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September 24, 2007