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Vodka Cruiser

From Daniel's Blog | 轉自吳彥祖博客(Cruiser短片) | 转自吴彦祖博客(Cruiser短片)

[ Taken from Daniel's Blog ] Why a chicken?

I’m not sure really. I’ve had a strange fascination with chickens since college. Their existence often baffles me. Why are they on this planet? Do they exist only to be eaten? Being the lowest mammal in the food chain, I often feel sorry for them, because chickens are the weakest animals on the planet with no dangerous form of attack and absolutely no way to defend themselves. They can’t even fly away because their wings are so out of proportion with their bodies. So in a way this short film is turning the tables around for once. A chickens’ fantasy if you will. A chicken rights film. A chicken kicking my ass.

I decided the only person that would get my oddball sense of humor and pull this film off was my good old buddy Jason Tobin. He played David’s assistant in The Heavenly Kings and pulled off the performance of a lifetime as Virgil in Justin Lin’s Better Luck Tomorrow. Jason has aspirations of directing and this was the perfect way to get his feet wet. Having done an awesome job on the music videos for Hardpack and Audiotraffic, I felt it was time to take Jason to the next level.

We decided that we wanted to experiment with film this time instead of the regular boring old video. We chose the 8mm format because we just love that grainy 70’s home movie look. The texture you get out of 8mm film simply cannot be reproduced in video. We hired Jam Yau as our dp because of his special 8mm film knowledge. We set up a bunch of different types of rigs, including a mini stedi-cam to make the shots as dynamic as possible. Thanks to Jam we were able to make the most of shooting in 8mm. I definitely want to use this medium again in the future.

We pulled off the entire thing in one long 14 hour shoot.  Most of the scenes were shot on location in DEF boxing gym, where I work out from time to time. It was quite complex because we had to many setups and lighting conditions. Not to mention the actual fight had supporting actors and a whole bunch of extras that had no idea what the hell we were doing. Much props to Kim Chan for wearing the chicken outfit a dealing with the no air con conditions. We shot till morning then hit the streets to do all the outdoor running scenes. It was tough doing winds sprints after having been up all night and dealing with the summer heat but in the end we pulled it off.

Jason handled the post-production entirely himself and even hired Don Cruz, guitar superstar from Audiotraffic, to score the film. In the end, the film exceeded my expectations and really kicked ass. I think chickens around the world will be thanking us for the work we’ve done for them for generations to come!

Click here to watch the video.



我覺得唯一一位能把我這個奇怪的幽默想法付諸實踐的是好友Jason Tobin。他在《四大天王》中擔任David的助理,也在Justin Lin《明日好運到》中精彩演出了Virgil。Jason渴望擔當導演,這是讓他開始的絕好機會。為HardpackAudiotraffic拍攝了精彩MV之後,我感覺現在是Jason更進一步的時候了。

跟平淡無趣的舊式短片比起來,我們這次想做一部實驗電影。因為愛看70年代顆粒狀的家庭錄象帶,我們選擇了8mm攝影機。8mm攝影機拍出來的影象很質樸,視頻無法再制作。因為Jam Yau擁有8mm攝影機的豐富知識,我們請了他幫忙。我們設置了許多不同類型的設備,包括一部迷你減震器,盡可能拍得更具動態感。感謝Jam,因為他我們才能用8mm拍攝大部分鏡頭。我以後一定還會用它拍攝。

整個電影實際上是連續拍攝、長達14個小時的一個鏡頭。大部分場景都在DEF拳擊場,我在那兒拍了又拍。非常復雜,我們有許多設置和燈光設備。實際的打鬥支持了演出,整個一票人不曉得我們到底在拍什麽。Kim Chan穿的雞道具根本沒有散熱設備。我們一直拍到清晨,然後到街上拍所有戶外跑步場景。經過整晚的拍攝,又頂著夏天的日曬,拍攝非常艱苦,但我們終於完成了。

Jason獨立完成了整個後期制作,還請來Audiotraffic的吉他超級巨星Don Cruz幫忙,為影片加分。最後這部短片超越了我的期待,真的超級棒。我猜世界上的雞們會感謝我們為它們後代所做的這一切!

點擊查看短片 | [转自吴彦祖博客吴彦祖博客]


我也不知道。从大学时起我对鸡就有种奇怪的迷恋,它们的存在常常令我困惑。它们为什么会在这星球存在?只是为了被吃 掉?作为食物链中最低级的哺乳动物,它们总使我悲哀,鸡是地球上最软弱的动物,不带任何攻击性,也无法保护自己。因为翅膀跟身体的比例失调,它们永远没办 法飞起来,所以这个短片从某方面来说是种逆转。如果你愿意去想,这是只鸡的白日梦,一只鸡的凯歌,一只鸡打败了我。

我觉得唯一一位能把我这个奇怪的幽默想法付诸实践的是好友 Jason Tobin。他在《四大天王》中担任David的助理,也在Justin Lin《明日好運到》中精彩演出了Virgil。Jason渴望擔當導演,這是讓他開始的絕好機會。為HardpackAudiotraffic拍摄了精彩MV之后,我感觉现在是Jason更进一步的时候了。

跟平淡无趣的旧式短片比起来,我们这次想做一部实验电影。因为爱看 70年代颗粒状的家庭录象带,我们选择了8mm摄影机。 8mm摄影机拍出来的影象很质朴,视频无法再制作。因为Jam Yau拥有8mm摄影机的丰富知识,我们请了他帮忙。我们设置了许多不同类型的设备,包括一部迷你减震器,尽可能拍得更具动态感。感谢Jam,因为他我们 才能用8mm拍摄大部分镜头。我以后一定还会用它拍摄。

整个电影实际上是连续拍摄、长达14个小时的一个镜头。大部分场景都在DEF拳击场,我在那儿拍了又拍。非常复杂,我们有许多设置和灯光设备。实际的打斗支持了演出,整个一票人不晓得我们到底在拍什么。 Kim Chan穿的鸡道具根本没有散热设备。我们一直拍到清晨,然后到街上拍所有户外跑步场景。经过整晚的拍摄,又顶着夏天的日晒,拍摄非常艰苦,但我们终于完成了。

Jason独立完成了整个后期制作,还请来Audiotraffic的吉他超级巨星 Don Cruz帮忙,为影片加分。最后这部短片超越了我的期待,真的超级棒。我猜世界上的鸡们会感谢我们为它们后代所做的这一切!


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Daniel Wu - "The Boxer" | 吳彥祖 - "拳手" | 吴彦祖- "拳手"

Having gotten my feet my wet directing 2 music videos for I was eager to get behind the camera again.  And when Dan told me about his idea for his short film I cracked up. When he asked me if I was interested in directing it I leapt at the opportunity.

The idea was simple, Dan would play a boxer training for a big fight, a fight that would test his mettle to see if he really had what it took to be a champ if given just one shot at it.  Eminem's lyrics from the song "Lose Yourself" were the inspiration:

"Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment Would you capture it or just let it slip?"

After all the training and hard work Dan finally steps into the ring for his one shot, his one opportunity.  His one moment has arrived and as he psychs himself up for the battle ahead of him he looks into the eyes of his opponent:  a six foot chicken.I loved the idea for this short because on the surface it's simple and funny, Dan Wu gets his ass beat by a chicken but I felt it had more layers.  For me the chicken represents fear, the fear of failure, the fear of success and all that goes with that, the fear of disappointing friends, fans and family.  Also I loved the idea of seeing Dan who is clearly a winner in real life play a loser.  In this short we get to see a comedic side of Dan that is rarely seen on film but that's apparent to all who know him off-camera.

One of the things I wanted to do with this short was to create a simple 3 act structure.  In the first act we're introduced to our hero.  I've always been impressed by they way Steven Spielberg introduces his main characters, especially in the films "Schindler's List" and "Saving Private Ryan".  With that in mind I decided to show glimpses of Dan in the boxing gym without revealing his identity till the end when he states, "This world isn't for losers, it's just for winners."

In the second act we see Dan training for the fight, very much inspired by the 'Rocky' films and then the third act is the fight itself.  In some ways I think this works but in retrospect I think I I would have made the film shorter.  But I think it represents the filmmaker that I was in that moment.

We chose to shoot on Super 8mm film and I'm very pleased with the result and the look.  It also appealed to my ego because I could now call myself a filmmaker and not  a video maker.  On that note I'd like to thank our cinematographer Jam Yau.

I would also like to thank everyone else involved in the project.They are:

Daniel Wu Glen Chin

Conroy Chan Marina Hinterhauser

Kim Chan Terence Yin Jam Oochi San

Maritin Chappell

Don Cruz Zero

Lui Cheuk Hang

Ah Sui

Dave Kebo

Berton Chang Jay & Def Boxing Gym

Alive Not Dead

Thanks guys I appreciate all your hard work and patience.

Enjoy the film- Jason|涉足執導AnD.com的兩部MV後,我渴望再次到攝影機後做導演。Dan告訴我他的Cruiser

短片想法時,我很雀躍;當他問我是否有興趣執導這部片子 ,我立即抓住了這機會。

想法很簡單,Dan想扮演為一場大戰訓練的拳擊手,這場大戰將檢驗他是否具備唯一一次 出戰的奪冠勇氣。靈感來自Eminem的歌曲"Lose Yourself":

"看,如果你僅有一次出擊或機會。在這一刻得到你想要的一切 ,你會抓住它還是讓機會從指尖滑過?"

經過艱苦訓練和努力工作,鈴聲終於響起,到了Dan的終極一擊時刻,這是他唯一一次機會。他鼓足勇氣迎接即將到來的戰 鬥,他擡起頭來註視對手:一只六腳雞。

我很愛這部短片的構思,表面看起來簡單有趣,吳彥祖被只雞打敗 ,但其中包含許多含義。我認為這只雞代表著恐懼:害怕失敗的恐懼 ,對成功的恐懼及與之而來的所有一切,怕朋友、粉絲和家人失望的恐 懼。我也喜歡這個點子,讓Dan這樣一個顯然是現實生活中的贏家扮演失敗者。這部短片讓我們看到電 影中很少見到的Dan喜劇的一面,但這就是我們在鏡頭外認識的他。

我為這部短片做的幾件事之一是制造一個簡單的三幕結構 。第一幕介紹我們的英雄,我對史蒂文•斯皮爾伯格介紹主演的方式總 是印象深刻,尤其是電影《辛德勒名單》和《拯救大兵瑞恩》 。於是我決定不表露Dan的身份,只展示他在拳擊場上的情景,到短片最後才由他揭示 "這個世界不為失敗者,只為勝利者存在"。

第二幕Dan作拳擊訓練,很大程度是受"洛基"系列電影的啟發 。第三幕是大戰時刻,我覺得效果還不錯,回顧起來覺得該把影片弄得 更短。但它代表了電影制作人也就是本人當時的想法。

我們選擇用Super 8mm攝影機拍攝,我很開心效果及畫面都很不錯。另外我還突破了自己 ,現在我叫自己是電影制作人而不是MV制作人。在這裏要感謝攝影技師Jam Yau。


吳彥祖Glen Chin 陳子聰Marina Hinterhauser

Kim Chan 尹子維Jam Oochi San

Maritin Chappell

Don Cruz Zero

Lui Cheuk Hang

Ah Sui

Dave Kebo

Berton Chang Jay & Def Boxing Gym

Alive Not Dead


- Jason|涉足执导AnD.com的两部MV后,我渴望再次到摄影机后做导演。 Dan告诉我他的Cruiser短片想法时,我很雀跃;当他问我是否有兴趣执导这部片子,我立即抓住了这机会。

想法很简单,Dan想扮演为一场大战训练的拳击手,这场大战将检验他是否具备唯一一次出战的夺冠勇气。灵感来自Eminem的歌曲"Lose Yourself":

"看,如果你仅有一次出击或机会。在这一刻得到你想要的一切,你会抓住它还是让机会从指尖滑过? "


我 很爱这部短片的构思,表面看起来简单有趣,吴彦祖被只鸡打败,但其中包含许多含义。我认为这只鸡代表着恐惧:害怕失败的恐惧,对成功的恐惧及与之而来的所 有一切,怕朋友、粉丝和家人失望的恐惧。我也喜欢这个点子,让Dan这样一个显然是现实生活中的赢家扮演失败者。这部短片让我们看到电影中很少见到的 Dan喜剧的一面,但这就是我们在镜头外认识的他。

我为这部短片做的几件事之一是制造一个简单的三幕结构。第一幕介绍我们的英雄, 我对史蒂文•斯皮尔伯格介绍主演的方式总是印象深刻,尤其是电影《辛德勒名单》和《拯救大兵瑞恩》。于是我决定不表露Dan的身份,只展示他在拳击场上的 情景,到短片最后才由他揭示"这个世界不为失败者,只为胜利者存在"。


我们选择用Super 8mm摄影机拍摄,我很开心效果及画面都很不错。另外我还突破了自己,现在我叫自己是电影制作人而不是MV制作人。在这里要感谢摄影技师Jam Yau。


吳彥祖Glen Chin 陳子聰Marina Hinterhauser

Kim Chan 尹子維Jam Oochi San

Maritin Chappell

Don Cruz Zero

Lui Cheuk Hang

Ah Sui

Dave Kebo

Berton Chang Jay & Def Boxing Gym

Alive Not Dead


请欣赏影片- Jason

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Conroy's Color: 24 Herbs | 子聰的真色彩:24 Herbs | 子聪的真色彩:24 Herbs

Conroy's short film was the easiest to conceive. As you all know, Conroy has been hard at work with his rap group 24 Herbs.  So it is very easy to conclude what's Conroy's true color!  This film is about Conroy's passion for music and for his rap group. Conroy's film incorporates the MV's we shot with 24 Herbs with behind-the-scenes footage of 24 Herbs recording and also from Conroy's daily life.  This film is  like a mini-documentary and the only film in this series based on real events.  I am a big fan of 24 Herbs and believe they are really going to take off when they release their album later this year.  I hope you all enjoy this film and enjoy 24 Herbs' music. Conroy!!!!!   Respect ®Ï Pok Gai!!!!!!!!!  Terence|

子聰的短片最容易構思了。大家都知道,子聰為他的rap樂隊24 Herbs盡心盡力。所以,要概括子聰的真色彩非常簡單!這部短片說的就是子聰對音樂及他的rap樂隊的激情。 

子聰的短片由我們為24 Herbs拍攝的MV、24 Herbs錄制唱片的幕後花絮及子聰的日常生活組成。有點象小型紀錄片 ,也是我們這個系列中唯一一部基於真實事件的短片。 

我是24 Herbs的忠實粉絲,相信他們能憑借今年即將發布的新專輯振翅高飛 。希望你們喜歡這部短片,並享受24 Herbs的音樂。 

子聰!!!!! Respect ®Ï Pok Gai!!!!!!!!! 

子維 |

子聪的短片最容易构思了。大家都知道,子聪为他的rap乐队24 Herbs尽心尽力。所以,要概括子聪的真色彩非常简单!这部短片说的就是子聪对音乐及他的rap乐队的激情。

子聪的短片由我们为24 Herbs拍摄的MV、24 Herbs录制唱片的幕后花絮及子聪的日常生活组成。有点象小型纪录片,也是我们这个系列中唯一一部基于真实事件的短片。

我是24 Herbs的忠实粉丝,相信他们能凭借今年即将发布的新专辑振翅高飞。希望你们喜欢这部短片,并享受24 Herbs的音乐。

子聪!!!!! Respect ®Ï Pok Gai!!!!!!!!子維

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Cruiser Short for Terence

[taken from kit hui's blog]

It was exactly a year ago, I was in Hong Kong with my producer at the time and T told me that they were gearing up to go to Japan to shoot a short.  I hung out with him after his return and before I took off, he told me about the trip, the idea and what they wanted to do for the rest of the three shorts.  I was intrigued but didn't think that I wasn't going to direct one of them, until he asked me in the beginning of this year about directing his short.  Since "Missing," T and I have become good friends and I've been wanting to work with him again.  At the time, since I just finished writing a scrīpt, it was actually perfect for me 'cause I want to do some directing work and to work with T.

Over the next couple of months, we communicated via email brainstorming what the short would be about.  I remember I told T about my obsession with Jack Johnson's "Inaudible Melodies," particularly the two lines "slow down everyone you're moving too fast, frames can't catch you when you're moving like that..."  we felt similar about the way of life in the ultra-metropolitan cities where people are always rushing, wanting, pursuing but hardly have time to slow down and appreciate the beauty around them.  Later T wrote a voice over to convey that feeling which became our starting point.

Different concepts were talked about to convey this feeling.  T wanted to have strong music to accompany the film.   Finding the piece of music actually was the hardest part of the shoot, we need to find the music before I could come up with a solid concept and the tone of the film.  We discussed a lot about what the music should be like, but I just couldn't find a piece that captured me until one day my iPod randomly played an ambient piece while I was riding on the bus going to see T.  I loved what I heard and what I saw (the cityscape) while on the bus, so I got to the office and played the piece to T. He liked it and thought that it was really "me" and it'd work well with the piece...  The rest was quite easy.  We decided to show the richness of the city and how one might get lost in it and thus ought to slow down and check out the beauty around oneself.  I decided to play with the amazing city colors and patterns that HK offers, and to contrast it with something organically beautiful in the end.

We were so lucky to have Julie on board as our AD.  T was right about pairing me and Julie together, not only was she a great AD, she was super fun and we became really good friends, that was the best.  And thanks to Kim, Ah Shui and Charles whom were just troopers to run around town with me to shoot here and there and everywhere... It was actually one of the easiest shoots for me... small crew, good friends, it felt like hanging out most of the time more than working!  All I remember was that we were chilling, eating and drinking a lot... 

Afterwards, I got to work with my other good friend Richard on the editing, I did a rough skeleton before Richard went into fine tuning the piece.  With his magic fingers, he made the short so much better... after I viewed the final cut, I knew that we need the music to accentuate certain moments in the film, and the problem with the already made track is that you can't specify that detailedly.  So T and I talked about finding someone to compose a piece of music for this short and luckily, Jun was available and agreed to help us.  I've always loved his music, so I knew the piece would have a kick-ass beat to it...  I played Jun the temp track and told him what I wanted for the piece, and the next thing I knew, he came up with this awesome track that really enhanced the film.

So all in all, it was a really fun experience for me.  Not only did I get to work with T again, I made these awesome new friends.  Thanks T for giving me this opportunity.

Hope y'all enjoy the short film.


p.s. Julie, thanks for staying up till the wee hours with me to go check out the Goldfish street... you truly were amazing...

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Looking For Color In The Big City | 在大都市尋找真色彩 | 在大都市寻找真色彩

For my short film, I wanted play with the colors of Hong Kong's nightscape and contrast that with the melancholy and lack of direction that many of us feel living in the big city.  The routine of your life somehow blinds you from seeing what you really want yet the colors you seek are all around you.  

I asked my friend Kit Hui to come to H.K to direct this film.  I worked with her on her short film "Missing" a few years back, had a great time on that shoot, and wanted to work with her again.  This shoot was much easier than Andrew's shoot because we shot in H.K and because my friend Julie Lau was nice enough to come on board as the AD / Production manager.  Because she has so much experience working on film productions in H.K, she really made things easy and smooth for us on this shoot! 

The music in this film is done by my good friend and uber-talented musician Jun Kung and his friend Stephen Lim.  I really like the music Jun produced because it adds a more upbeat feel to the film that was not there with the music reference we gave him.  

I don't really know what else to say about this film.  Think of it as a subtle acid trip with yours truly in the streets of H.K!  

Hope you all like this one and find the beautiful colors around youTerence |

這部是我的短片,我想展現香港五彩斑斕的夜色,與其憂郁一面的對比 ,以及我們這些居住在大都市人們的迷失。日常生活讓人目盲 ,讓你看不見其實一直就在身邊、你想要的最真的色彩。 

我請朋友 許潔來香港執導這部短片。幾年前跟她合作拍她的短片"Missing",那次拍攝非常愉快,很想再次與她合作。這部短片跟連凱的比起來容 易許多,因為我們就在香港拍,而且我的朋友Julie Lau很好心的擔任短片的廣告/制作經理。她在香港電影制作方面經驗豐富,的確令這次拍攝更加簡單 、順暢! 

音樂由我的好朋友、才華橫溢的音樂人恭碩良及他的朋友Stephen Lim完成。我很喜歡恭碩良為這部片子制作的音樂,為短片增添了樂觀感覺 ,跟我們提供給他參考的音樂不一樣。 




我请朋友 許潔来香港执导这部短片。几年前跟她合作拍她的短片"Missing",那次拍摄非常愉快,很想再次与她合作。这部短片跟连凯的比起来容易许多,因为我们就在香港拍,而且我的朋友Julie Lau很好心的担任短片的广告/制作经理。她在香港电影制作方面经验丰富,的确令这次拍摄更加简单、顺畅!

音乐由我的好朋友、才华横溢的音乐人恭硕良及他的朋友Stephen Lim完成。我很喜欢恭硕良为这部片子制作的音乐,为短片增添了乐观感觉,跟我们提供给他参考的音乐不一样。



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Cruiser Ninja Andrew

[taken from kb's blog]

I can't believe it was only a year ago that we did the ninja!  Since every party involved has blogged about it, I feel compelled to put my two yen in...

It was an innocent beginning when Terence called me and asked if he could crash at my place with a couple of his friends while they worked in tokyo.  Luckily, I was not busy at the time and found myself following them around in what turned out to be a most interesting shoot.  More importantly, I found new friends whom I have enjoyed the company of and found this site too!

You've seen the video, so I tried to find some behind the scene pics. Enjoy!

The Govenator! It was a really packed trip and we all got our sleep when we could![](/attachments/2007/11/23280_200711130701546.thumb.jpg)Ramen late night![](/attachments/2007/11/23280_200711130701544.thumb.jpg)More sleepy time![](/attachments/2007/11/23280_200711130701545.thumb.jpg)Party time too!

random little pic

the boys late night!

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Guerilla shoot + ninja costume + Toyko = SUPER FUN

[taken from kim chan's blog]ok.......  here we go....Guerilla shoot + ninja costume + Toyko = SUPER FUN

i hve to say it was so much fun to shoot this project in tokyo, specially working with Andrew, Terence and Phat, also couple of new friends that i met in tokyo- "KB san" and "Peter Chan san"  !!!  They're awesome

Seeing Andrew in the ninja outfit and doing all those crazy things in Toyko street is hilarious, I had a hard time to stop laughing while we r shooting it, he is so good for those ninja move.

Shooting in that ninja park is also super cool, it is a Japan heritage theme park, locate in Nippon, 2 hrs train ride from Tokyo. The setup of this park is perfect for filming, ppls who work there dress in traditional and the raining day helps a lot for the training scene.

Beside all the fun, we actually work pretty hard on this film, hope you’ll enjoy it.

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Me=Ninja (Cruiser short film) | 我=忍者(Cruiser短片)

[Taken from andrew lin's blog]Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are finally launching our short films for cruiser!!!

I'd shot my part of the short film in Tokyo almost a year ago.  We shot the whole film within a week of time. It was a tough shoot but very memorable.  I had so much fun working with the THK crew again, it is almost like a half play half work kind of thing.

Terence already did a detail explanation about the theme for this film,  So I don't need to go in depth about it.  But I'd still remember when terence asked me for some opinions on what I wanted to be in my short film.  I told him I either want to be a Cowboy or a Ninja.  The reason I picked those two was, First of all,  I really love watching westerns when I was a kid, and I know if I don't use this opportunity to be a cowboy, No one will ever cast me for a cowboy role. Especially I am asian man.  And the reason I'd picked Ninja was,  I'd used to train in martial arts and a big fan of Iaido (the way of the sword), so I figure only a samurai or a ninja would carry that trait.  After the big discussion between terence and Marcus(director),  they pick me as the "NINJA".     So being a Ninja was not really my lifelong dream.  It's just a character that I think I can portrait well without help from others so we can keep the production cost down to the minimal.

But let me tell ya.  It was "Harrrrrrrrrrrrd".  The first day of shooting,  I have to approach random people on the street and ask them where to find a ninja master.  People were looking at me and thinking this guy must be "Insane".  But those were the kinds of reactions we wanted to get from them.  Since Japanese people are generally very polite. it was really difficult to get a big reaction from them. 8 out of 10 people I'd approached would really spend the time to think and explain to me where I might be able to find a ninja master. Since we can't get the reactions we wanted. I have to work double hard to approach more people and get more reactions from different people.

Next difficult thing was, wearing a ninja outfit and running around the city like a fool.  Thank god I had a mask on.  So people wouldn't know it is me. But guess what, while we were shooting in Shibuya,  in between takes,  I took my mask off for a breath of air. Suddenly came a girl asking me for an autograph, she was a tourist from Hong Kong.  And she had seen me running up and down the street like an idiot for the past hour. 

It was a fun and challenging shoot, but I was so exhausted.  As  you can see in some shots,  my eye bags were down to the middle of my cheek.  Don't matter though, as long as the short film is good and funny.  I really hope you guys will enjoy this short film.  If Phat chan, and Kim chan will blog about the experience too,  it will be terrific!! The crew and I worked our ass off.  Now, go on and watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






很有意思而且有挑戰的拍攝,但我累壞了。你能從一些片段裏看出來,我的眼袋都掉到臉頰中間了。不過最後出來的效果不錯,很有趣,這也值了。希望大家喜歡這部短片,劇組和我盡了最大努力。現在就去 欣賞吧!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






很有意思而且有挑战的拍摄,但我累坏了。你能从一些片段里看出来,我的眼袋都掉到脸颊中间了。不过最后出来的效果不错,很有趣,这也值了。希望大家喜欢这部短片,剧组和我尽了最大努力。现在就去 欣赏吧!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Andrew 's Quest To Be A Bad-Ass Ninja! | 連凱成為日本超級忍者之路! | 连凯成为日本超级忍者之路!

This is the 1st film we produced and in many ways the most ambitious.  We shot pretty much the entire film on location in Japan as the concept for Andrew's color is that he wants to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a ninja!

This film is truly a group effort as I worked out the concept of this film with my friends Marcus Savage and Kim Chan.   We wanted to make a funny film where the stunts and the street gags are secondary to the comedy of Andrew interacting with real Japanese people in his search for a ninja master to teach him the secret arts of ninjitsu.  

I did much research about ninjitsu while planning for this shoot and pretty much created the story with Marcus and Kim based on locations we found on the Internet that are relevant to a ninja story.  We shot at the Ninja restaurant in Akasaka.  The bad-ass urban ninja in the film is actually a waiter from the restaurant.  We found a couple of ninja theme parks in Japan and shot the Ninja village scenes at one of the parks.  We also found a ninjitsu school in Tokyo and shot some footage there, but only a small bit of that footage made it into the final film.  

This shoot was a guerilla shoot to the core!   We had a very small budget for each film and the cost of flying a crew of people over to Japan for this shoot takes up much all of the budget!  Thankfully we have friends in Japan that were so generous with their time and support!  

KB!!!!  KB!!!!!  We really wouldn't have been able to make this film without you!  Thanks for letting all of us crash in your living room and for helping out so much during the shoot!  

KB also helped us with the Japanese intro at the beginning of the film and also plays the ninja master Andrew trains with in the film.  

Peter Chen:  Thank you very much for your help with logistics and translation while  we were in Japan!  

The music in this film is done by Don Cruz of Audiotraffic and the sound production by Rob Porter.  Thanks for your help and the awesome tunes!

I have to say, Andrew was a really good sport while we were making this film.  He had to have wondered whether we were fxxking with him we asked him to do some of the gags!  We really had him working hard, running in a ninja costume though Shibuya and Harajuku, and it takes a lot of nerve to go up to strangers dressd in a ninja costume asking questions.  

We had a crazy time making this film!  We had so much fun, but it was very hard work, and though many things went wrong as they do in guerilla shoots, things turned out alright in the end.  

So I hope you all enjoy this film and that you will "Find Your True Color" no matter how crazy the idea may seem!

Terence|這是我們出品的第一部短片,從許多方面來說也最雄心勃勃。絕大部分鏡頭都在日本攝制完成,因為 連凱的真色彩是想要實現他成為一個日本忍者的終極夢想!

這部短片由我跟朋友Marcus Savage和Kim Chan一起創作,是群體智慧的結晶。我們想做一部有趣的影片,連凱要跟真正的日本街頭民眾互動,尋找一位忍術大師教他武士秘籍,創造出喜劇效果。然後才是一些特技和搞笑。



KB!!!! KB!!!!!沒有你我們無法完成這部電影!我們把你家弄得亂七八糟,還要感謝你在整個拍攝期間的許多幫忙!


非常感謝Peter Chen的後勤工作,以及在日本時當我們的翻譯!

電影音樂由AudiotrafficDon Cruz完成,Rob Porter負責音效制作。謝謝你們的幫忙,做出如此動聽的旋律!




子維|这是我们出品的第一部短片,从许多方面来说也最雄心勃勃。绝大部分镜头都在日本摄制完成,因为 连凯的真色彩是想要实现他成为一个日本忍者的终极梦想!

这部短片由我跟朋友Marcus Savage和Kim Chan一起创作,是群体智慧的结晶。我们想做一部有趣的影片,连凯要跟真正的日本街头民众互动,寻找一位忍术大师教他武士秘籍,创造出喜剧效果。然后才是一些特技和搞笑。



KB!!!! KB!!!!! 没有你我们无法完成这部电影!我们把你家弄得乱七八糟,还要感谢你在整个拍摄期间的许多帮忙!


非常感谢Peter Chen的后勤工作,以及在日本时当我们的翻译!

电影音乐由AudiotrafficDon Cruz完成,Rob Porter负责音效制作。谢谢你们的帮忙,做出如此动听的旋律!





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What's Your Color? Find Your True Color!!! | 你的顏色是什麽? 找到你的真色彩!!! | 你的颜色是什么?找到你的真色彩!!!

Welcome everybody to the Cruiser page on alivenotdead!  Some of you may know that the Alive boys were hired by Cruiser to endorse their product through a series of print ads and events in Taiwan and China.  As part of the deal, they also commissioned us to shoot 4 short films for them based on their brand slogan, "What's Your Color."   After making "The Heavenly Kings," I have become more and more interested with working behind-the scenes to produce films.  I would like to thank Cruiser for giving me the opportunity to produce these films, to work with my friends, and to try out our crazy ideas!  It has been a year old journey for me and there have been many ups and downs during this process.  I am happy that we can finally share these films with all of your on alivenotdead and I hope you will enjoy the films as much as I enjoyed producing them!  

The theme for all 4 short films is "Find Your True Color!" and the each film features one of the Alive boys and their interpretation of this theme.  I think it's pretty cool that we were able to make 4 very different but related short films.  Each film has a unique feel of its own loosely based on our personalities.     

I will be blogging about the process of making each film as the films are released on this page.  Jason Tobin, the director of

Daniel's short film, will be blogging about their film together when it is released as I was not closely involved with the production of that film.  

Enjoy the films!  Drink some Cruiser when you get thirsty and I will be back soon to talk about the 1st filmTerence|




影片放上來的同時,我還會在這裏寫下制作每部影片的過程。Jason Tobin吳彥祖短片的導演,他們的影片上傳時,他也會在這裏寫博。因為我沒有太多介入那部短片的制作。




影片放上来的同时,我还会在这里写下制作每部影片的过程。Jason Tobin吴彦祖短片的导演,他们的影片上传时,他也会在这里写博。因为我没有太多介入那部短片的制作。



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