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Heifer Part 2

Here's a little bit more about Heifer.

This page shows a interactive map of the many countries around  the world that Heifer has projects.

One of the benefits of being a Heifer employee is that we get to travel to our project countries.  These trips are called Study Tours, they are like an educational vacation.  This is something that non-employees can also take part in.

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Heifer International


I wanted to share some of my r/l with my friends.  This is a interesting live Construction web cam at my work.  I work at heifer International World Headquarters.  Our mission is to End Hunger, Poverty and care for the earth!  We are in the process of building a cool education center.  Our hope is to educate people here i...Read more

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bye bye baby

Well, today I sold my 'baby bike'. 

This nice couple from Missouri came down and bought it. A friend of mine was in N.W. Arkansas the on Friday and happened to overhear a lady saying that she wanted to get a bike but wanted to start small, she said that she had looked at a Rebel and liked it.  He went over and told her about mine.  He called me and then me and the lady talked.   I had a very...Read more

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Long Time no Blog!

Ok - I admit this is a filler blog.  I only have about 10 minutes before I have to get busy here at work!

I can't believe I havent blogged for a month!

I will definately have something to blog about tonight.  I'm going to buy a new - to me - motorcycle!  A friend of mine is selling his to get a bigger one.  So I'm buying his.  A beautiful silver Honda Shadow VLX 600.  I'll take some pictures of it this evening and tomorrow (if it's not pouring rain as predicted) and post them along with a nice blog.  Read more

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Question Game

I was picked by JRS!

**1) Answer the questions below in your blog.

2) Delete one of the questions you don't like and add a new question.  There should be 20 questions in total.**

3) Pass it on by listing some people you'd like to answer those questions. Notify them by signing on their Guestbook to tell them they've been picked. Try not to duplicate who have been picked in this blog. Those who choose to answer need to mention the name of the person who picked them so the game can con...Read more

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Sewing? ME?

Well, JRS showed how to make a quilt.

The closest thing to sewing I usually do is to put the logo on our uniforms for TKD.

I've got a great little embroidery machine.

All I have to do is to hit the 'start' button and this baby does all the work! <...Read more

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Pretty Little Box

I found this great little box at a little hole in the wall store downtown. It's the kind of shop that is chock-full of odds-n-ins that seem out of place. It's not exactly a second hand store and not exactly a flea market. The people that run it just travel around and buy thing from all sorts of venues and bring it back to their store.

It's located in an old part of town that is being rejuvenated, so its the up-and-coming area right now.

Well about the box...

It's about 8 inches wide, 4 inches deep a...Read more

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Ranch Day

A Day at Heifer Ranch

Today I took my new boss to Heifer's Ranch. It's only about 45 minutes away from our Headquarters building downtown.

I was a little worried about the weather, it was raining when I left for work. I knew it wouldn't be to much fun to be on an outdoor 'adventure' on a yucky rainy cold day.

By the time we headed out, 9am, the rain had stopped but it was gloomy downtown. As we drove the clouds were moving pretty quickly - back toward town! Yeah! The sun started poking its head out about...Read more

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Tony Jaa's Birthday

Tony Jaa has a birthday soon. February 5th!

(Just 4 days after mine!)

I decided that I would send him a gift. I made a bracelet for him, and a neat little box to put it in.


Here are some pix of my gift for TJ.

(Hope you like it) Yes. I really did make this, and my daughter helped.

user posted ima...<a href=Read more

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Newest member of my family

Well, ok so maybe not actually a member of my family but when I saw this little guy I couldn't pass him up!

I was on my way to lunch and had to stop by the Hallmark store to pick up a card for a co-worker.

Between the Hallmark store and the restaurant there just happens to be a Tuesday Mornings store.  This is a nifty little store where you can find all kinds of stuff, from dog bowls to luggage, from sheets to garden gnomes- they have all kinds of junk crammed in this little shop!

As I walked from the ca...Read more

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