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Last Sunday we had a 6th Dan Master visit for an Escrima seminar.  Coolness!  Master Ceth Jordan is amazing.  He and my instructor, Master Jeremy Fox, have trained together for over 12 years, directly under our Grandmaster for several of those years.  They continue to train with Grandmaster Han whenever they are able to take the time from their duties as State Head Instructors for Arkansas and Missouri.

Any way..... 

The Seminar was great!  We worked mostly outside, which was nice for lots of reasons.  The noise of sticks banging tog...Read more

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36 Things

ok, Saturnsshadow requested some answers.  I went ahead and put them on her blog comments but figured I'd share them here and...AND... give people the chance to play along as well.

Since your one of my friends (or fans) I'm sure you'd love to fill this out and share 36 things with me!  Post your answers in the comments here.

Here is the BLANK - copy and past this on your blog to share (if you so desire)-

01) Are you currently in a serious re...Read more

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This morning as I was heading off to work, I noticed a police car who was two cars in front of me.  The cop slowed and turned down the road on which my martial arts school is located.  The way he slowed and turned was the way cops do when they notice something not quite right.  I looked and saw some teen boys skateboarding on the lot next to my school and thought maybe he was going to check them out.  That land owner doesn't like them skating on his lot. I didn't  think anything of it and continued on my way. 

It was a beautiful morn...Read more

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What? Another quiz?

OK - So I got this from saturnsshadow!

Are You Masculine or Feminine?


You Are 46% Feminine, 54% Masculine

You are in touch with both your feminine and masculine sides.

You're sensitive at the right times, but you don't let you...Read more

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Ok so maybe my numbers aren't so high but what the heck!


      I think ...*My profile: 15,900 visits

12 recent visitors *Guestbook: 69 comments *I am a fan of 26 profiles *I have 13 friends *I h...Read more

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Beauty in the Martial Arts

While we're on the subject...

Not only do we have a contender for Miss Arkansas....

We have the current Miss Teen Arkansas within our Grandmaster Han's Martial Arts Family.

Sloane is 15 and her little brother and her dad take M/A with us.  Her mom is a photographer.


...<a href=Read more

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I was so tired when I got home from work today that I decided to lay down and take a little nap.  No problem there.  I got home just before 5pm and everyone was doing their own thing. 

I got into some comfy clothes and fell fast asleep.  Nothing bothering me, I knew the kids were fine and things were good in the house.

I hear my door close.  I looked out the window to see my daughter driving down the hill.  Looking at the clock it read 8:38....  Confused I went in the living room and Jessie there on the computer.  I asked her if she ...Read more

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Helping quake victims

Date: 23 May 2008#Heifer international farmers help quake victims


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Anhui Farmers Donate to Help Restore Shattered LivesLITTLE ROCK, Ark., May 23, 2008– Fifty impoverished farm families participating in a Heifer International development project in Jiangmio Commnity in Shouxian in eastern China have collected $300 (2,050 yuan) to help victims of the devastating May 12 earthquake in Sichuan ...Read more

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Aid to Earthquake-Devastated Area

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Heifer International:

Ray White



Carpenters & Associates:

Christine Volkmer, 214-520-3666


<...Read more
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Heifer Part 3 - Global Gateway

As promised!

Here is a bit about the Global Gateway experience.  I've included some pictures of the kids and the area.

We all had to gather at the High School by 9:30 Monday morning. There was discussion with the Teacher and parents - chaperons about expectations and the exchange of cell numbers for safety and all the important chaperon stuff.

We had a group of 25 kids and 5 adults.

3 adults drove and everyone got to ride the school bus!  I drove!...Read more

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