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Construction - Paint!

The drywall guys finally finished! 

My friend and I went and picked out her paint colors and started painting Friday night.

There are still some items that need to be done, like pitting in all the outlets and switches... and light fixtures. 

  We used clip lights to paint in the new rooms because there are no lights in there yet.  It's so much easier to paint with no fixtures or switches - less cutting in!

Remember they yellow living room...

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My Movie Collection - updated

Peachey blogged about her movie collection.  Her question was "What does your movie collection look like?"

Well, I have quite a few movies.  Not as many as some, but more than others.

I figured I'd post a picture of the movies that I keep in my room.  We have a big cabinet that we keep most of our movies in.  I may add a pictur...Read more

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Construction - The Drywall goes up!

The drywall was delivered Thursday afternoon. 

My dad met the drywall hangers Friday morning and they got busy!

A lot was accomplished today.  The drywall didn't get finished because they ran out.   But More will be delivered on Saturday and the guys will be back on Monday to finish the job.

 My friend didn't realize there was so much involved in construction.  She is learning so much.

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Construction continues!

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Carport Conversion

Well I thought it was about time to share what I've been up to.  hehe

I've been helping my dad and his friends work on a project.  The project is actually for a friend of mine.

I took these pictures with my phone so if the quality is not the best - blame Motorola. I don't have a true Before picture, so I'll start you where I cam into the action.

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Just Another Manic Monday....

Today started off pretty good for a Monday.  I had the pleasure of going to get the oil changed in my car. weee.

Then I stopped by my old High School to pick up my transcript - now that I'm officially going to be starting college they kinda want that.

My dad's at home with a cold so I didn't want to hang around.  I called a friend to see of she wanted to meet for lunch.  Yum - Mexican food!  Yea! She said she'd meet me at the restaurant.  When I arrived...Read more

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Changes: Part 2

Well, I did it!

I am now officially a College Student!  Well, Technical college. 

I had a very long meeting at ITT today.  My appointment was at 10am and I was done around 1:30!  We went through the basic information about the school itself all the way through financial aid. Yeah - financial aid! I even took my entrance exam - if that's what you call a 12 minute 50 question, multiple choice test.  LOL! 

Now I can actually get excited about it all.  February 19th, I go in for my orientation and most likely get my...Read more

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Everything changes

So what's next?

I had a job I loved. I got laid off.

I have my resume on Monster.com and so far the responses I've received have all been from insurance companies.  I have no intention in joining the ranks of insurance agents or the likes there of.

With the economy the way it is, the jobs I'm interested in - doing the work I've done for the past 10 or so years - are just not readily available.

I do not want to take some job just for the fact of working.  Working is not the issue.

I r...Read more

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New Year

Well, 2009 is starting off with a bang.

Just 14 days into the new year I was laid off from my job.  I had hoped to remain with this company and had no interest in looking for work outside.  So this came as a complete surprise.

I went to work Wednesday morning and was called in to the department directors office. He then took me down to Human Resources - he never mentioned why.  I was in complete shock when we walked in and the Exec. VP was sitting there.  The EVP was cold and matter-of-fact, he just said that effective immediately my...Read more

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Bikes, Bombs and boredom...

Well, lets see where to start.

It's been a strange week.  Lots going on at work. Mostly boring stuff to talk about.  Several big management changes which means stress, but things are slowly starting to ease out a bit. Then I have some weird shit happening on the peripherals.


Thursday, I left work early because I was not feeling well.  Stupid sinus headache.  I came home and took some medicine and a nap.  I slept from about 11:00 am til close to 2:00 pm.  On the way home I had called to set an appointm...Read more

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