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Weekend- part 2

This weekend was belt advancement or as we call it testing.

We have testing every two months. We actually hold two series of testing because we have grown and spread out over the state, this makes it eaiser for people to travel to a testing nearer them.  The first in on Friday night, in a town about 50 miles away from me. 

(actually we have three- one is held in the upper northeast corner of the state on the month between these two)

anyway- Friday night.  The night starts out smooth and yet full of excitement. Master Y...Read more

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What a weekend-

Ok since I am still at work this will just have to be a teaser for the real blog that I will have to sit down and type tonight. 

My daughter kept me informed on the hapenings of DC and NY.  She had a blast.  The first night in NY and they went to China town! Cool. She shared a great story- which I will relay in my 2nd blog.

We had belt advancement / testing this weekend.  WOW! I may have to break this down into a 3rd blog.  I was too exausted to do anything on Sunday- sorry not eve...Read more

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Washington DC

My daughter took this with her phone.  :)

The kids are having a great time in Washington DC. 

This is something they will remember for a lifetime, their first big trip.

She said they were going to take a night tour in DC, a "Ghost Tour" with people dressed in period costume.  They spent the day in DC.   They did the tou...Read more

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My Daughter's first trip.

Well my daughter is of on her first trip without me!

She left for Washington DC this morning at 7:00am.  Her 9th and 10th grade Civics class is taking a cool trip to DC and NY. After spending a couple of days in DC they are heading to NY city on Friday. They are going to spend the weekend in NY and come back home (to mom) on Monda...Read more

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Fire Blessing

May the fire be in your thoughts, making them good and just, may it protect you from all harm.

May the fire be in your eyes, may it open your eyes to see what is good in life, may it protect you from speaking against another.

May the fire be in your ears, we pray you hear the flow of water and of all Creation and of the Dreaming.  May you be protected from gossip and from those things that harm and break down your family.

May the fire be in your arms and hands, so that you may be of service and build up love.  May the fi...Read more

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I was all set to get on here and say all kinds of interesting things- then I got caught up in the MB and lost track of time.

So now it 11pm and I gotta get up and be at work early in the morning.

I did get to take TKD class tonight. Man what a tough class.  Our instructor was not in a very talkative mood so the counts just kept coming during kicks.  It was nice not having to teach class, I don't get to work on my own level very often.   In August I will be testing for my 1st Dan. 

Not only did I get caught up in the MB ton...Read more

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Ok- so I'm starting a new blog...

Starting with the work day...  There are electricians replacing all the balast in all the floresent lights in our entire building! They started right above ME!  Things were going fine until the dude blew a braker- which sounded like he let loose a hangrenade in my space!   Luckily we are in a "Green Building" so there is light from outside.   They were there all day and will be back tomorrow and the next day and the next and.... you get it.

Around 3:30 pm a film crew showed up and set up their lights an...Read more

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