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Race for the Cure

I recently accepted the challenge to raise funds to save a life by joining the Because I Care fundraising program for the Susan G. Komen Arkansas Race for the Cure®.  I can help in the fight against breast cancer.

One in eight women will be stricken with breast cancer in her lifetime.  In Arkansas, a mammogram costs an estimated $150.  By helping me raise that amount you can help me save a life.  The more we raise, the more the Arkansas Affiliate can give back to fund vital breast cancer education, screening and treatment programs i...Read more

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Triple Board Break

Video: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=3593137&setrsi=1 I just thought this was a cool break.

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Jet Bike

I just had to.

This is a bike I'm looking at - Maybe I can get one within the next year.

I like the dark blue better, but there wasn't one on t...Read more

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Rain Rain Rain

We have been getting alot of rain the past week or so!  I'm ready for some Sunny days!

Today it literally came a flood.

This afternoon I got a call that the M/A school had water coming from the back- the water was under all the carpet, which has a rubber backing, we didn't realize at first. 

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July 4th

I know we have alot of International friends here, but I'd like to share a little American pride on this paticular "Holiday" of July 4th - Independance Day!  I am proud to live in America. I love the freedoms we have (and tend to take for granted).  There is a great spirit of caring and sharing, that I hope can be nurtured and grown, in America.

My wish for all those around the world is that we can one day be free of the tyrants who exercise their power in such harsh, cruel manners as we see much too often.

I send out ...Read more

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While going through some of the older post, I ran across some beautiful pictures on the thread about living in China.  http://www.alivenotdead.com/bbs/thread-9332-24-3.html 

This reminded me of the beautiful mandala that was created for the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Education bldg on the grounds of Heifer Int. (where I work)

I actually came for my interview the week that the Monk was constructing the mandala.  It was breath-taking to watch ...Read more

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Inez :)

Farmington senior achieves another karate belt

May 06, 2006

She is 77, but don't call her “old.”

Juanita “Inez” Kniffen knows martial arts and she knows it well. She tested for her fourth deg...Read more

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My ear is ringing...

You'd think that I could have blocked that kick.  After all he was a blue belt.  

Friday night was "Fight night" or more politicaly correct - Sparring Class.

The class was great, there were about 20-25, from Yellow belt up to Master Fox.  This class is posted as 1 1/2 hous but usually goes 2+.   We started at 6pm and finished around 8pm, I think we actually left the school about 8:45.

It was great- we started with some basic warmups and so...Read more

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Weekend - part 3


We arrived at the church hall by 10am to help set up, testing starts at noon. At least this time we only had to go about 10 miles.   Just before 11am Master Han arrived. At 11am the brown and black belts were lined up and ready to train.   

We had a great workout.  He took us through kick and forms.  We did 8 of our forms, the major difference was doing them with great power at extremly slow speed.  We had to move as though doi...Read more

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