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Working at the DoJang

Worked on the Martial Arts School.  Last weekend and again today.

(I added several pictures to my photo album http://www.alivenotdead.com/critterdee/New+DoJang-profile-5576.html )

Here are some of what we did.

New Flooring.

user posted image

Wall Paintings

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Cars & Kids


My daughter turns 16 this Sunday!!! Jan.13!!

She has her learners permit and Monday we are going to get her REAL drivers license! I called today about adding her to insurance- - - OUCH!!!

So - on the way home from work Monday, my dad calls and tells me to go by this certain street. He says - look at this car that's for sell. faint

I go by... yep there it sits. (taken with phone cam)

user posted image

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Great Martial Arts weekend!

This was an exciting weekend in martial arts! We had our bi-monthly testing.

Wow! Friday night I took a carload of people and sparring gear about 45 miles from 'home' for the first round of testing.


We were in a gym. My feet were so cold!!

There were several first timers testing! It's so fun to watch the little kids. Most of those who tested this weekend did well. There are always a few that get out there and forget everything they ever learned! emo&:blink: Read more

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Clay Art

This weekend me and my daughters had fun making things with clay.

My oldest had to make a project for school. The assignment was to make an ornament for the school tree... but it could not be a traditional American ornament. It had to be representative of one of the countries thy have studied this year, i.e. Italy, China, Ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt.. and a few other choices.

The project had to be made from things that the students had at home, no pre-packaged ornament kits!

They also had to write a short paper on the subjec...Read more

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AR Tournament 2007

user posted image

user posted image Me and my girls with the rest of the Blackbelts and Grandmaster Han.

user posted image Grandmaster Han loves the kids! They all come to have him sign their be...Read more

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cell phones

My cell phone died this morning... or during the night last night.

I had to go to AT&T and see my buddy Joey this afternoon after work. His diagnosis.... Call the florist, get the hearse, this phone is dead.

So ... I had a plan.

I can go ahead and upgraded to a sweeet new smartphone. Call in to the warranty line to have the deceased replaced.

This is a win win. I get the awesome new technology and my daughter gets the ne...Read more

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This weekend

Guess what I'm doing this weekend!

user posted image




NOVEMBER 17th, 2007





Schedule of Events

Doors open 8:30am

<...Read more
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Upcoming Events

There is just so much going on all around me.

I'm completing my 2nd annual Instructors course this weekend. Very cool but very hard!

Over the next several weeks & weekends I'm running like mad.  We are getting to the 'busy' season of 'charitable work'  People tend to really give more to their charity of choice during the holiday season.  So at work there are many donor events unfolding in front of me.  Plus we are just at the begining of a campaign of honor bricks to be places on the entry walk of o...Read more

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Mini Sword

I collect alot of things.  But I'm not really a collector of Swords.  I like them and enjoy the ones we have at the Dojang.

However - - when I saw this mini-sword from Hero I had to have it - I guess I'm going to have to get the full size one now!

It came in the mail Today!!

I already had the movie but heck this makes a great picture! Read more

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This weekend I'm going on a mini-roadtrip!

All summer I've tried to get friends to commit to taking some sort of ride - camping, biking anything to get away for the weekend.  What friends! Everyone seemed to think it was a great idea, but no one would nail down a weekend to go.

So I decided to go on my own!

The route I've chosen will be all back roads and 2 lane highways.  What would usually take close to 1 hour driving the interstate will take me about 2.5 on the back roads! LOL But that's what its all about...Read more

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