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still around

I didn't realize how long it has been since I've posted or blogged!

I've just been busy with everyday life.  Work, school, kids, house... you know how it is!

So far in school I have a 4.0!  This term one of my classes is Compisition... I'll be writing lots of essays.  Maybe math wasn't so bad after all....

The house is coming along.  The girls are setteling in their new rooms. We haven't finished things like painting and flooring, but that stuff will come in time.  I haven't been able to move into my new room yet, we've been focused on geting the girls area done first.  We've also been working on the den/dining/kitchen area... ug.  This will be a looooong work in progress.

This past weekend was great!  Me and the American Coppers (my motorcycle club) rode in two toys for tots rides.  We were joined by several other groups and indivivuals.  The rides weren't long but seeing so many bikes with toys and teddy bears strapped on, cruising down the road was an amazing site!  Then when we got to Toy Hill the Marines were there to collect the toys.   There were also every type of Law Inforsement and Firemen bringing toys.  Cool to see a firetruck with toys all over it!   Once I was done with the ride on Sunday, it was time for the Christmas parade in town.  I made it in time and watched my daughter leading the HS Band.  My little neice was so cute collecting the candy that was being tossed from the floats, and waving at all the people in the parade.

I'm sure I've done alot since I last blogged... but can't really think of anything else interesting. 

My job is rather boring, I'm working as a receptionist at a comstruction company.   There is not much actual work for me to do besides answer the phone, some data entry and mail distribution.  You'd think that being paid to do nothing would be great.... actually it's boring.   I'm glad I won't be doing this job for the rest of my life.   


Have a wonderful Christmas!

I'll try to get some new pictures posted before too long.

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How does your daughter lead the band? Is she a majorette or a paton-twirler? 4.0 is great. Now with Composition, maybe you'll appreciate the slow times at work. You can write, write, write. ;) Great to hear your house is coming together.
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Yeah, if you've got Facebook, add Critter as a friend so she can chat with you and won't be bored to death! =D Great job on the 4.0!!!
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Wooo! Thanks Ms S! Peachey- She & her friends were carrying the big banner in front of the band. She usually plays flute.
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Great to hear from you critter! =) Definitely sounds like you've been busy. But I'd say it's the good kind of busy... Look forward to seeing the pictures!!
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