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Good news!

Heifer International - Here I come! (again)

www. heifer .org

On Tuesday (yesterday) I had an interview for a position at Heifer.  I thought the interview went well.

I guess it did go well because today I got a call from the director of the department notifying me that they had chosen me for the position.  So I talked to my current manager and let her know that I was giving my two weeks notice as of today. 

I think I did one thing out of the ordinary thing in this whole situation - When I found out about the interview date, I went and let my current manager know.  I had previously let her know that if an opportunity for me to better myself came along I was going to take it.  I also let her know that I would not leave them in a bad situation if at all possible. I am more than glad to assist in training someone to fill my position.    When I tell people that I let my current manager know that I had an interview with another company they all look at me like I'm insane. Would people rather that I lie and leave on bad terms?  I have no personal problems with my coworkers here.  I am moving on so that I may move up.      My manager understands completely and was very appreciative of my honesty and openness in the situation.  This gives her a chance to interview and find a replacement.

Anyway~ I'm excited that I will be a part of the Heifer family once again.  I will be working as Administrative Assistant for the Africa Team. 

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Being a part of a non-profit org sure makes the work more purposeful. ;) Add oil, my friend!
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GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!
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How exciting, congratulations!!!
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UR awesome Dee! FIrst, super congrats on the new job! Second, for a job at a place that does such positive, world changing, inspiring work! Third, for being an honest, upstanding, all around good person in dealing with your current employer. You are indeed a "rare breed" and I hope your example is seen, AND FOLLOWED, by many. Jia you!
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Thank you!!
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Congratulations!!!! That's really awesome!!!! :) It is great that you were honest with your current job about interviewing with another company. And glad they were open to it... YAY!!!!!!
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