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  • 財神到

    Tuesday, Feb 9, 2010 2:10AM / Standard Entry

    Kung Hei Fat Choy... 

    I am glad to introduce.....

    the Interactive God of money - Scottie.and an new edition MV by Ryanand the God of Canton pop - Sam.

    Happy year of tiger!!



  • Right Now

    Thursday, Nov 12, 2009 4:16AM / Standard Entry

    It's been a long time to get all the works done. It's the time to celebrate.
    and Right Now, it's made available to the public.!


  • 錢錢錢

    Saturday, Sep 5, 2009 2:45AM / Standard Entry

    He created a large number of classic songs. In this 4 nights, He brings back many memories to the fans. The Legend still marvelous. I am glad that I'll be there and the tunes will last forever...

    Here is a remake from my friends. Scott & Justin



    Saturday, Mar 7, 2009 7:02PM / Standard Entry

    After surfing to my friend Justin's blog, I also went to urbandictionary.com.
    Here is the meaning of CREEP.

    1. Drive or move slowly on foot, on the way to do an illegal job.
    "Let's creep on this muh-fucka."
    "Let's creep around to tha back entry."

    2. 1950's word used by women to decribe an undesirable man.
    He is such a creep. Who would want to go out with him?

    3. To have sex with someone, usually someone you're cheating with
    "He been creeping with other women all over town, why you defending him?"

    4. an awesome song of radiohead... meaning of something like loser, or not good enough for someone you love... being weirdo, and strange.
    "your so fuxking special, i wish i was special...but I'm a creep... I'm a weirdo... what the hell I'm I doing here... I don't belong here..." radiohead- creep

    5. a dude that trys way to hard with chicks, usually younger chicks. Also usually waits till the chicks are fuxked up to take advantage of them
    Yo what the fuxk ebert is such a creep

    6. When somebody does something that was on the low and wrong. Like if a guy were to try to take his best friends girlfriend he would be creep
    Man why you did that, you creep dawg

    7. Meaning a person is being mean or wrong for doing something (normaly) used in south florida
    Greg was creep for telling on his momma
     - - - - - - -

    Here is the meaning of KIN.
    1. close friend or brother
    you ain't no friend of mine, you ain't no kin of mine (from 50 cent - wanksta)

    2. A shorter version of kinfolk; meaning one's family. Someone who is connected to you by blood or marriage, i.e. your kinsman, kinswoman, kindred, relation, relative.
    Jack was not used to spending so much time away from his kin.

    3. If you put this word on its side so that the N is at the bottom it looks like a korean slang word. This slang word is used to make people go away.
    "Whatever whatever, KIN" go away f off leave me alone don't wanna talk to you i'm annoyed with you

    4. A word used in place of the word "fuxking". Normally used when quoting what chavs have said, or something related to chavs.
    Chav 1: 'kin ell mate Chav 2: Ye, he's a 'kin dickhead. language chav townie fuxking lol dickhead.

    5. Picking up a girl/s, or just being a player. Very similar to the word Mac.
    That dude is such a kin. That guy kinned that chick. mac player guru play a mad dog

    6. A way of saying "fuxking" more gently. It works best when you make a little pause before you say it.
    "Agggh my arm has fallen off!"
    "..Kin hell!"
    - - - - - - -

    Just for fun!. I don't comment on it. But can anyone tells me why there are so many "fxxking, fxxka, fxxk...."?


  • 變,變,變變變

    Wednesday, Jan 28, 2009 11:16AM / Standard Entry

    變幻原是永恆,每分每秒也在轉,唯有調節自己,迎接轉變。全世界面對金融海嘯,證明舊的一套已被淘汰,美國人要〔change〕, 日本亦選出〔今年の漢字〕為「変」(ヘン/かわる・かえる),全世界都在求變,留戀舊有一套模式似乎只有失敗。牛年唯有像牛一樣默默努力,只要積聚實力,總有空間生存,但成功了亦不能囂張,有些人總帶幾分憎人富貴,記著那下籤籤文所言,"禍去禍來因自招"。


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