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freakish weather

In the last 2-3 weeks there's been really freakish weather here. Believing the  weather forecast is almost like believing a fraud fortune teller at a fair/carnival. Although it's been half right about the rain.Everyone I know is still wearing summer clothes, but taking umbrella's/raincoats, hats, jackets/jumpers,sunglasses and sunscreen as well as the usual stuff we take when going out with kids. My friends & I are starting to feel like gypsies when we go out,taking everything bar the kitchen sink.In a way it's horrible, ...Read more

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summer time

I love summer, mainly  because there are so many fantastic beaches in and around Sydney like the famous Bondi beach.all beaches here are great and luckily quite clean.Going to beaches here seems to be a fun pasttime by all Aussies and all beaches are jam packed during summer especially when the tempreature reaches 40 degrees with close to 100 percent humidity. not a great combination as everybody has the same idea to head to the beach. those who don't go sit at home with their air con going full blast. that with the temps unfortunately causes...Read more

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So christmas is fast approaching, I was given a huge reminder today when I went to my local shopping centre and I got a huge shock and surprise to see Santa is alredy there waiting to see kids and for them to have photos taken with him.The shopping centres here in Sydney at least seem to go a bit crazy and put up their christmas decorations from mid to late October, which is ridiculosly early. I've never been able to work out why they do this. my Local council recently put up decorations on the local shopping strip up the road from me. Although...Read more

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Summer heat wave



              Even though it's now  only the middle of spring  we've already had  a    heatwave       close  to    40 degrees last  Wednesday. If we're getting hot days like this now I dread to think of how hot I'll be  in the summer. Mainly from christmas till the end of January is when the worst of it hits along with the humidity and annoying flies. But even so I secretly dont mind cause it wouldn't feel like christmas or new year if it's not hot, no flies or cicadas, BBQ'S, swimming pools or...Read more

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A LETTER FROM JUSTIN LIN - please consider emailing to your friends

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Dear Friends, Colleagues and Supporters:

FINISHING THE GAME, our new independent film, has been an opportunity to revisit our indie roots and reunite with many in the BETTER LUCK TOMMOROW family. The challenges of making a no-budget film are harsh and demanding, but at the same time, it is f...Read more

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good films


          A lot  of good films are indie films and sadly they dont get enough exposure. About 1 month   ago I saw an Aussie film called  Razzle Dazzle on DVD. It was a great movie but never had the exposure big budget films do. On the other hand it's nice to see Justin Lin's  film Finishing the Game gaining momentum and gaining more and more exposure and support.

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My blog has been launched

Welcome to my newly created profile! I hope you come back and check frequently. I'll be posting some fresh and interesting things to share with you. Feel free to bookmark this profile and recommend it to your friends. Let's all share together! hmmmm..............sites like my space, facebook are a tad addictive,..............trying to stay away from my computer before I get square eyes and need glasses. :(


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