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Time Flies

My holiday is nearly over, and to be honest, i haven't been studya lot~_~

procrastinating, what a nice thing to do, yet always it is very irritating~~

Need to really start working, there are so many projects to do, gosh~~woh~~~and tests~~~then finals~~~

oh my~~~ no more time to fool around~~~

need to control myself~~~

no more series, no more games, no more wasting time---- is it possible???

Also recieved my chinese result ---- APPALLING, ABOMINABLE, SHOCKING...No A for me Paper 1 - 85 Paper 2 - 66 ---?? i could not believe it~~oh my~~~did i really get penalised a lot of marks for writing an essay over the word count~~ 1050 words, only about 50 more~~lolz now that's a distinction away~~

There is also something that shocked me~~

a tragedy - my chinese teacher passed away...it saddened me, makes me feel kinda depressed, been teaching me over 10 years...n now...

i can not believe it when i first hear it...

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