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If you can’t open a lid of jar…….


 Long long long time no see ……hehe 

  My old friend gave me hand made black berry jam few days ago.

 It’s covered jar very very tight. I couldn’t open the lid. Read more

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get a wonderful present?


 Have you get a wonderful present from Santa Claus?

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  I haven’t got a present...Read more

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Star Ferry 天星小輪 @HK.Sep.2010

  My friends sometime ask me , “what do you like to do in HK?  Shopping? or Eating a good foods?”

 Yeah, I like go to shopping and eating a good foods and good sweets in HK.

 But I most favorite things is take the Star Ferry<天星小輪>.

 When I take the Star Ferry, I’m relaxing and feel healing of my mind.

I love Star Ferry. <...Read more

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Thanks! radwynn and koko ;)

 My birthday is August,15.

 Many Japanese people spend “Obon holiday <お盆休み>” in this day.

 And many my friends return home.

 It’s rare that I and my friends meet during “Obon holiday <お盆休み>”.

 And it’s rare that my friends celebrate my birthday…..





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  Have you ever eaten “Hi-tsu-ma-bushiひつまぶし”?

 “Hi-tsu-ma-bushiひつまぶし” is grilled eel and rice with soup.

 And it is well known as Nagoya<名古屋>  local dish.



<hitsumabusi o tabeta koto ga arimasuka?

 hitsumabusi wa Nagoya no meibutu ryouri desu。>

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  July ....Read more

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drank too much tea. XD

June,26 . 2010

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My friend Chinese tea instructor invited “Ch...Read more

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Do you have a Takoyaki plate?

  A few weeks ago , AnD friend mio-san came to prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Osaka.

 Kansai area AnD members (radwynn , koko930 , parismaki and I) met her and went on a sightseeing tour of Osaka.

 We enjoyed Kushi-katsu <串かつ> , Takoyaki<たこ焼き> , river cruise , made Takoyaki by ourselves.

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数週間前に東京からmioさんが大阪に遊びにきました。<...Read more

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FACE? part3 ---- look-alike ----

  This is prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Osaka subway sign.


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FACE? part.2 -my favorite....-

 Hi guys!

 Nice to meet you.

 Please call us “Baron mustache duo” or “Masked wrestler duo”.

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FACE?:P -house-

  Hi , radwynn prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

 I found a “Face” , too.


 This pic is my neighbor’s house.

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Hi♪ thanks for dropping by. I’m cocoa. My real name is “智子 Tomoko”. I live in Osaka , Japan. I’m an office worker. My English is not good…… But , I hope you


January 22, 2008

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