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Last night was our hk artistes 414 fund raising campaign, did you do your bit?


Let us pray and give our blessing to Qinghai's friends, hope that they can resume life as good as possible, and may the pain be eased away!


Also, hope that everyone of you treasure 'LIFE&#...Read more

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A beautiful day

It's such a lovely day I wanna share the moment with you all~



another one of those...journey time ones...



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recently i have spent more time on weibo(微薄)than anyone thing else, think i caught the weibo virus...hahahahaha...

it's almost middle of april...and yes...for me just past anothe birthday...

this year...

unlike previous few, it was an extremely quiet day for me, spent a few hours with a close friend for a natter over dinner, then a stroll around the park(well field really) with her n her dog.

ended the evening just the way i started the day...which was by myself...

taking that enjoyment of peace to myself and...Read more

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come and join me at sina la....









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Almost EASTER@2010!!!

Well well, looking at my bloging rate, I'm not doing that good am I?

The last entry was last month! Sooooo....what have I got installed for you to read??!!??


Te be honest...........nothing!

As right now, I'm on a break from my entertainment duties and enforced into family duties....as one say, you only have one family and in that family you only have one mother! Hence, when family matter arise, you should set yourself that the number one priority!

Therefore you may well noticed t...Read more

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迎接【虎】2010 - Tiger Year 2010


等小女 '我' 也在此同樣地獻上至誠的祝福給我身邊的親朋好友!

After seeing good pals sending an early warm wishing and setting goals for the upcoming Year of the TIGER 2010, let me 'here' make a warm wishing to my beloved family and friends!


Wishing you, me and family be healthy, happy and everything go smoothly in the new year!


Wishing you and I be enjoying our times together once again!


Wi...Read more

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Feb 2010

Hi everyone!

Not blogged for awhile and here we are! It's FEB '10 already!

Did you all have a good start to '10? Nice Jan? Hope you did!

I guess my 2010 started not so badly, doing things morally (well trying...hahaha), trying to make everyday worthwhile is my aim for 2010, and simply be happy!

Cos knowing to make yourself happy is priceless, of cos, trying to endure this happiness to those around me...as i believe time goes by quicker and nicer when everyone is in a good mood!

We kinda need this a...Read more

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正正式式,2010 年的第一個blog entry。大家好嗎?過了一個愉快09年嗎?無論你心裡的答案是乜,也不太重要,因為我們已經到了10年啦!有機會就放低你應為不太如意的,拿住如意的,接著,展望將來!首先,我也想回顧下09年的我!做了很多野,很難一一去解釋比任可人聽,但我可以好很定的一樣野就是自己真的變了。。。無論在心境,做人,處事,一一都不像重前。變得更成熟,多一了一點平靜,小了一點心浮氣粗態度!這樣的進化我應為是好事,同意嗎?09年,我最開心就是能夠參與我極愛的歌手鄭MI MI 的年度計畫《信。望。愛》其中幾首新mv 的production。 還有,期待了很多年的心願,就是有機會看她的live演唱會!(如果你有看我的blog你應該已經見到《love mi 2009、2010》的相。)最後,她開了十場,以我就看了其中三場!這個演唱會我只想講一句話:正如一首親密關係...等待是值得...因為唯獨你是不可取替!09年完的時候,ah MI 陪住我過,10年的時候也是ah MI陪住我開始!真開心!接住新的一年已經開始了,希望身邊每一位都能夠接收到正能量,一齊努力為己為人!每一天都可以過得美滿,快樂!peace to all~

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2009/2010 i want to share my memories with you all~ never ever been so close to the stage in my life!!!![](/attachments/2010/01/05/14/359293_201001051403012.jpg)her medley towards the end of the show....so beautiful~had to steal this from s...Read more

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