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Next Hoilday coming up.

Easter is coming up this Sunday. Going to have a Easter event with families and friends.  School is going to be finish in four more weeks, yeah. Final is the last week of April.

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Weekend Event/Schedule

I am going to be busy over the next couple of week. This weekend event is Bible Study  at the campus between 12 to 2:30 pm and  then have a group study for mid-term exams.  I'm thinking of going oversee study in China, Thailand or Japan, but not sure which place to choose from, I still got time to figure out everything before the due date.Any suggestion which places to go? While after mid-term exam is Spring break, not really spring yet in Alaska, we are still having snow but the weather is nice and warm, so maybe going skiing and ...Read more

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Valentine is coming up this weekend . I want to wish everybody out there a early happy valentine day. Make sure you spend time with your love one. Don't work too hard. Be safe whatever you are going or be traveling and God bless you and your love one on valentine day.

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