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  • Rising Cinematographer and Graphic Designer based in Hong Kong and the Netherlands. If you want more info about me look at chungdha.com or google "chungdha" I bet I am always on top.

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  • Affordable ways to waterproof your DSLR

    Friday, Apr 18, 2014 7:38PM / Members only

    Filming movies, events and more there are always situations that would occur where the weather isn't really helping. But you still would need to do your job at continuing the choose or capturing the event. So what to do if it rains or even what to do if you are hire to film a pool party where there is a risk of falling into the pool or people splashing water all over you and the camera. Even though professional DSLR are weather proof doesn't mean its fully waterproof to take a dive into a pool with.

    First lets talk about the traditional way you would dive with a camera. There are two method either you have a camera that is already build for diving or you buy a case that makes your camera waterproof. Nowadays you have allot sport cams that can go into the water and dive to 3-5 meters with no problem, however most of them doesn't give you enough control nor the professional looks of a DSLR. While the other route you can use your DSLR but you often have to pay more than you have paid for your camera itself for the housing. But since a few year ago waterproof pouches by Dicapac  have appeared which are affordable solutions and nowadays there are several ones on the market from the cheap knock offs to the original. As original from Dicapac is cost abour 80-100USD is still quite on the expensive side however we will talk about two the less expensive ones that is from China and the other from the USA.

    This is the DSLR Dry Bag which is very similar to the Dicapac however missing different element and mostly build up from similar materials like a float or a beach ball. This is by far the cheapest option however knowing how easily a float can tear you should still be careful with this. However it is a cheap solution and its be good to save your camera from splashing water, but I wouldn't dive with this as such a cheap solution might not work as you are paying for what you get and being cheap might not work that great.

    Also another thing is that are taking photos through a plastic which also easily scratch, bend and folds and you images might not look as great compared to shooting without the bag at all. But if you are on vacation and really don't care that much about the quality and mainly just able to capture some fun moment at the pool or at the beach. This also would be a great not only waterproofing your camera but also protecting your camera from sand. As getting send into your lens is the worst thing that can happen and would ruin the lens in no time, giving crunchy sound when you focus and ruin the quality of the glass if it get in between the lens elements. So if you just want something cheap that might work as it's still better than nothing and you can easily just spend $5 and have this just as an extra in your camera bag also it come in fashionable colors Pink or blue. Click the following link to find this product on Ebay $5 DSLR Dry Bag.

    $25 Underwater case DSLR

    This one cost a bit more but you do get much more and enable to take much better quality pictures are you be shooting thought a solid glass element instead of through plastic. As this is a design far more closer to the Dicapac having a glass front element. Also it has a special design with holes where you can get a better hold and feel to change the focus and to press the shutter button. Also this has a bit of a different top design where the other was secured by simple clips and velcro, this is secured by few lock knobs and a whole hard plastic thing that also holds the camera strap. As for pricing this cost only 25buck paying far less than the Dicapac getting quite a similar design and quality. I would suggest to get this one however due to the glass element and the plastic top is quite bigger to store, but atleast give you much higher quality image that the one from 5 bucks. Click the following link to find this product on Ebay $25 Underwater case DSLR

    Due note these cases don't provide a tripod screw mount of the bottom and mainly only useful for handheld shooting. Also these lack the space to use an external flash and only can use the internal flash to light up your subjects. And always test for leakage before you use it for diving.

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  • NewBlueFX Free Film Color plugin!

    Thursday, Apr 17, 2014 11:48PM / Members only

    NewBlueFX released a free plugin for 48 Hour Film Project contestants, the Film Color which allows you to mimic certain film look through this plugin with allot of presets from Film Noir to Kodachrome and more. Well if you don't have anything else installed with your editing software like Magic Bullet Looks or any other plugin that does the same thing. Here you is your chance to get this plugin for free.

    Follow this link and follow their instructions on how to get the plugin.

    However for better color grading, you should also make sure you get the most out of the footage by filming it as flat as possible. If you can alter the contrast or saturation of your camera you should lower it as it will increase the details and lessen the amount of clipping cause by the contrast. However if you are using a Canon DSLR camera you might want to look into installing certain special picture styles that would help your camera to get the most out of the picture. Check out our post about the C-Log a picture style which get the most out of the sky details while filming during the day.

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  • Quick setup Recoil rig

    Thursday, Apr 17, 2014 7:29PM / Members only

    Today setup this recoil shoulder rig the difference between this and normal shoulder rig is that you need to have a monitor or EVF due to the placement of the camera. The camera is actually on your shoulder instead of being held up in front of you. By placing the camera on you shoulder the weight be also towards your shoulder and would lessen the need of having to add a counter balance weight and making the whole setup lighter. If you want to know what parts I used scroll down to the bottom with the full parts list which is linked to Ebay search results.
    However due to placement of the camera you would not be able to see the monitor and would need to buy an additional monitor or an EVF. At the moment I am planning to see what would be the cheapest and possible a good way to build your own EVF, the current setup here is a small 3.5inch monitor which can be powered by 12v, currently I have ordered a 12v battery which is normally used for RC cars and able to power the monitor for quite a long while. The monitor and battery together cost lest than 30bucks together making it a very affordable setup. However I do still need to test it before I can give a verdict if this is a good monitor or not.

    However the shoulder pad sits very nice and comfortable and I could make a second handle but I feel its not needed as I can feel that the single handle alone does not have allot of weight on it compared to traditional shoulder rigs which is often very front heavy making it that your arms gets tired from holding up the camera or you have to add a counter weight on the back but the whole setup would weight much more that it needs to be.

    One thing is that I can't see the focus markers on the follow focus but mainly this setup probably be more for just handheld shooting and manually adjusting the focus while filming. You might also notice the big silver thing on the back of the monitor, I actually replaced the foot with a 1/4" mount by screwing on a lightstand adapter, but I found out afterwards my phone bracket fits nicely over the monitor and seem to be a much easier way to mount the monitor. Hopefully can use this setup soon to film something with.

    So here are the parts list linked to Ebay Search results.

    Parts for the shoulder rig:
    $16 - Fotga Shoulder Pad
    $14 - 11inch articulating arm
    $6 - Sponge handle grip

    For the monitor/EVF:
    $16 - 3.5" LCD Monitor
    $15 - 12V Rechargable Li-ion Battery 3000mAh
    $2 - 1/4" phone holder bracket
    $10 - LCD Viewfinder

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  • Won Best Poster award!!!

    Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014 4:21PM / Members only

    April 4-6 I joined up with Team El Porco in Nijmegen to compete at the 48Hour Film Project in Nijmegen. We had picket one of the best Genre out of the basket, being Time Travel and we had a great weekend putting together the movie. However I wasn't the DOP of the movie as my role was as a Production Assistant doing allot stuff on the sidelines to help out, like scrīpt supervising and logging all the numbers scenes and takes and marking them to be good or bad, so in the editing it be easier to find the better shots and more. The winning poster is the one below, however I have now already added the nominations and prices we won during the 48 Hour Film Project. As we were also nominated for Best use of Line, Best Actor, Best  Editing and we came in 2nd for the Public Vote Award.
    However after the weekend I made the poster for the movie, but the we actually didn't made any photos for the poster while we were at the location, but luckily I remember several awesome scenes in the movie that might be able to build up a cool poster. As there was one of a cool big empty room with the main actor in several shots. But looking through the movie was only one which works the best which had a tilt down while the rest had a pan in it.
    So this above you will see the screen shot which build up the middle and the bottom half of the poster and used few distortion tools to manually stitch together with the other screenshot which has the top half of the poster.
    However you might have notice there is quite allot of perspective difference between the two images as the shot was made with an Ultra wide angle lens. but it didn't matter as I had to manually stitch the two images together to mout up one bigger picture. But only stitching them together wouldn't make it fit one the overall poster and needed to use content aware scale to scale it up taller but without scaling up the person who is standing in the middle. It was quite easy however all the light fixtures on the ceiling seem not to scale correctly with it, but wasn't a big hassle to manually scale them to the correct size. And that was how the poster was build up.
    Also we were nominated for Best use of Line because instead of saying the actual line ( Het leven is als een bots auto) that needed to be included in the movie, we have made the line appear in the movie onto a book cover. And also I designed the book cover and took the photo for it on the set. Even though the idea was contemplated during the filming, plus not having an A3 printer or any other of my packaging design tools we still able to produce a realistic looking cover. First we were lucky we were at a home with allot of books and took an A4 paper to see which would fit  the best over the front and able to wrap around it. We found a good sized I think A5 hardcover book and then we didn't had much space but I took the photo using my 550D with 10-22mm lens, not a good lens too use actually for a portrait shot but was only thing I had and made it actually work.
    I used Photoshop to clean up the photo and add a vignette around the poster to fade to black making it more of a serious book and the layout and text were made in Illustrator so if we wanted to change anything it would be quickly done. It was laser printed on Satin Gloss paper and hand folded without even cutting it over the book. And it looked like an actual book and were shown in the movie several times. Also I made a short commercial but was not added in the movie and it would been keyed onto a television.

    Now prepairing for the next 48 Hour Film Project in Amsterdam, and then I can finally show my skills more as I will be Co-Directing plus being the DOP in the team. As for Amsterdam will be the toughest one yet as all the large commercial movie companies and PR companies are in Amsterdam and quite sure they will all compete. So need to bring everything I got to make the best movie there is. Will need to finetune my camera's and also need to check if I want to use a Cinebokeh adapters just to have an extra edge to the look of every shot. So need to test allot of stuff before June and hope to win it!

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  • New Canon C-Log Picturestyle for DSLR

    Friday, Apr 4, 2014 7:14PM / Members only

    The images below is a test between several current leading picturestyles which give flat yet contains allot of details in the overall images. The images are all taken at the same time and only changed the picturestyle without any other setting changes. As you can see the C-Log_htp retain the most details in the sky while the other two looses it. And all 3 images are ungraded so you see the actual difference.

    From other test the C-Log_htp also retains allot of details in the shadow areas without getting a bleached look like with the Cinestyle and has actual blacks in the images instead of grays. Will make some video test of this picturestyle soon.

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    Hey Chung Dha! I'm going to be in Hong Kong during January and February and am hoping to connect with local designers and artists. Would love to meet up with you while I'm in town!
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    happy birthday! and good luck on the one2free contest!!!
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    sorry was out from AnD for long time.
    hope everything is going well around you : )
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    i sent you the info on the nokia videos. let me know if you don't get it.
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    Very clear and informative videos
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    Happy New Years from everyone at alivenotdead.com!
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    i don't think there's a language restriction. thanks!
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    nice meeting you in the sb

    have a geat weekend
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    hello :)
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    Greetings. Thanks for posting alot of useful stuff.
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    Happy birthday homeboy!
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    Hi Chung,
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    “.. ^_______________________^ .. happy birthday ..”
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    Hey Chung Dha, thanks for stopping by to visit. Hope you're good and well. Wishing you a pleasant & prosperous 2010! :)

    Best Wishes,
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