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The feature film THE LEGEND by Christian Lara with Mi Kwan Lock (leading role) and Christopher Tram (supporting role) will be screened at the PAN AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL of Los Angeles, at the RAVE Cinema Baldwin Crenshaw Plaza 4020 Marlton Ave, LOS ANGELES, CA 90008.

In THE LEGEND, Chris plays the role of TEVA, a nice guy who turns himself into an evil being.

Screening times of THE LEGEND in 2013.

Sunday, February 10 at 4.45 pm

Thursday, February 14 at 6.10 pm

Trailer of THE LEGEND

Screenshots of THE LEGEND


Chris and Mi Kwan Lock at the Chinese Film Festival of Paris.

演员沈家毅和陸美群在第七届巴黎中国电影节. Chinese director Wang Xiaoshuai and Chris at the Chinese Film Festival of Paris.


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我是沈家毅,在法国当演员,演过很多亚洲人 的角色,我会讲英语,法语,国语,广东话,潮州话等多种语言. 我拥有属于亚洲人文艺片的外表, 当然亦可以演法式的风格, 但我不断的学习和钻研. 我是个多面性发展的演员, 因此一直想演些极具挑战性的角色, 例如 : 奸角, 或危险人物等... 我很喜欢从事影视演员工作,这些年来在电影中我演过很多不同的配角,在短片和电视中也演过几次主角.


My showreel

You can choose the high quality image by selecting the button * on the video.  

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MOVIES (main parts)

My Acting Demo ReelChristopher Tram Acting Demo Reel (沈 家 毅) from Christopher Tram on Vimeo.




Lonely Boat Original Soundtrack by Karl Meyer

 THE LONELY BOAT 「孤獨船」by Christopher Tram & Simon Fauquet. Screenplay by Christopher Tram. Les films du Sacré Coeur & Artkeys Production.

Plot: Erwan and Marco who grew up together in the same orphanage, are like brothers. 25 years later, Erwan works at his foster father's bank. Marco runs his business both in France and in Italy. Their brotherhood is put paid to by a fateful event on the Casino Boat. Fate catches up with them. The title is a metaphor. Erwan is symbolized by a ship sailing through the storm at sea.

________________________ I play the Commander of the firing squad in 'Amnesty International' by Wilfrid Brimo. Video on Youtube.


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Taiwanese serie MATERIAL QUEEN. Director: Weiling Chen. Actors: VanNess Wu & Lynn Xiong Dai Lin (Ip Man 1 & 2). I play Xiong Dai Lin's driver.

台灣偶像剧「拜金女王」.導演 : 陳慧翎. 演員 : 熊黛林. 吴建豪. 沈家毅演熊黛林的司機.

「拜金女王」是「败犬」系列后续, 它讲述遭母遗弃的孤女长大后, 成为嫌贫爱富的拜金女模(熊黛林饰), 因一夜情在法国和音乐学院的男学生(吴建豪饰)展开孽缘.____________________________

'CLASSIFIED CASES II : THE ASSASSINATION OF AKIRA OJIMA' (2008 - 2nd season). I recently played the main part of Japanese architect Akira Ojima in the documentary-fiction entitled in French 'AFFAIRES CLASSEES II : L'ASSASSINAT DE AKIRA OJIMA' based on real facts. This TV movie is directed by Luc David and produced by France 3. I used special make-up to make myself look older so as to embody the fifty-year old character.

'Starkiss' Jeanne Burtchell has dedicated a blog to 'Classified Case'

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French star Sophie Marceau  苏菲玛索 and me in the movie 'L'AGE DE RAISON" directed by Yann Samuell



法國電影'Bushido Boogie'?xml:namespace prefix = o /

中國黑手黨的成員裡有位韓國人員背叛了他門. 金龍幫的統領在極道震惱之下决定割下他的頭, 並寄往韓國給他母親. 但却遇着一位十分情緒化的郵差(沈家毅), 這刻他活得十分無味又無聊,他本性亦存在着性幻想之類. 因此, 他在這次的工作上犯上了不能諒解的錯, 他竟將背叛者的頭本要寄往韓國, 却寄去了法國. 這時中方黑手黨立刻找來一位殺手名叫約翰尼, 即到巴黎攔截並不留下任何痕跡, 避免法國人發現了這些恐佈行動.

本劇已删除了多個敏感境頭, 不適兒童觀看.



'BUSHIDO BOOGIE'. Iplay a sexually obsessed and cranky delivery man (with a blue cap) - Trash movie directed by Quarxx.

Story : A Korean betrays the members of the Chinese mafia. The leader of the Golden Dragon Clan beheads the betrayer and sends his head to his mother in Korea. At the post office, the postman (me) is bored and indulges in sexual fantasies. Being absent-minded, he makes a mistake and the parcel containing the victim's head is sent to France. The Chinese mafia sends Johnny, a hitman, to Paris to intercept the parcel before the French discover the horror...

Censored version (video not suitable for children) :

You can see the video in HIGH QUALITY by turning the "HQ" to red (below the screen).


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無奈 HELPLESS (mandarin version)

我本來打算離你遠去 從此不再提起你

At first, I planned on leaving you, and not thinking of you again.

看著你一臉茫然 眼眶是淚滴

Upon your forlorn and teary face,


I lacked the willpower.

心中的無奈 像一根線

The helplessness in my heart is like a thread


That binds you and me

我實在實在 沒有勇氣

And causes me to lose the strength


To move forward without your affection.


這一刻雖然默默無語 但是我心在哭泣

At this moment while I am quiet, my heart is actually weeping.

求求你不要問我 為什麼淒淒

I beg you not to ask me why I am so sad.


I cannot answer you.

也許有一天 我離開你

Perhaps one of these days, I am leaving you,


Please believe that it is because I really have no other choice.

我心中心中 有個秘密

In the depth of my heart, there is a secret,


I have not been able to reveal to you.


我青梅竹馬童年伴侶 如今又與我相聚

The one I have known since childhood , is now together with me.

我們倆從前有過 愛情的默契

In the past we have had love's mutual promises,


That we are to stay with each other for life.

這一份無奈 隱藏心底

This helpless matter is buried in the bottom of my heart,


To somehow choose between the two of you.

你教我教我 怎麼處理

Please show me how to deal with


This difficult triangular problem.

你教我教我 怎麼處理

Please show me how to deal with


This difficult triangular problem.


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台劇《面具》中的維克多. Victor Gassard in 'Down the Masks'


戲劇性的故事發生在法國2008年. 出身貴族家庭的名女人莫娜 Mona De Barjac, 64歲, 守寡多年, 她剛剛去世. 留下了比她小30歲的情人維克多 Victor Gassard (沈家毅), 40来歲的女兒蘇朗 Solange 和17歲的孫女蘇蓮 Solen. 多年來, 離了婚的蘇朗暗戀她母親的情人維克多. 少女蘇蓮也跟祖母的情人玩誘惑的遊戲. 后来, 她們母女發現了維克多是用他的魅力來誘惑和利用女人, 為的是她們的財產 !  原來, 維克多在外面另有情人, 老莫娜是被他欺騙了感情才自殺 !  最終,蘇朗和維克多刪除其《面具》大戰一場.

10分鐘的片斷和面試. 可以放大屏幕







DOWN THE MASKS (Bas Les Masques)

Play with songs sung Genre: aristo-tragi-comic 

Directed by Gregory Gautier

Story : Fontainebleau, 2008... Mona De Barjac, heir to an aristocratic family has just died at the age of 64, leaving behind, her daughter Solange, her grand-daughter Solen and her lover, Victor Gassard (Chris), younger than her by 30 years. This mysterious and unexpected death will act as a detonator in this family apparently well under any report. It will bring the characters to react, question, collide and ultimately prove...

Friday 14th November 2008, AnD artist Frederic Ambroisine went to the premiere of 2008 version of Bas Les Masques, a tragi-comedy play - with several musical parts -  directed by , and also co-written by him, and (Those three were also playing the main characters three years ago).

After the play (that Frederic shot on video that night), he interviewed the cast, musician and director, and also some people of the audience including two actresses who played the characters of Solange and Solen before. Here is a short teaser of the short documentary about this play that Fred will put on his website. 

Special thanks to Frederic Ambroisine.

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