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Got pickpocketed in Shenzhen AND got my wallet back - how's that for lucky?

SO although this starts off with a stupid action, see how the story unfolds...

  1. I put my wallet in my front left hand side pocket.

  2. Got on Shenzhen Metro (equivalent of MTR in HK)

  3. Talking to my friend, Leon

4.  Look down to my right and wonder why some dude is grabbing my ankle(!??!)

  1. Leon says "Check your wallet!"

  2. I suddenlty discover my wallet is gone

  3. Tell Leon "My wallet!"

  4. Leon runs off train after dude - I'm running after him going into shock saying "my wallet! Oh my god! my China permit is in there"

  5. Leon nabs dude.   I wail.  Police appear within 30 seconds(!)

  6. Go to police room in station.

  7. Turns out police know he is a pickpocketer

  8. Since I have a witness, I can choose to prosecute.

  9. Without a China permit, I have to stay in Shenzhen (penniless!) for at least 24 hours whilst waiting for a new permit to be issued and to allow me to return to HK.  

  10. Policeman mentions that if I go to court for this case, lots of time wasted and guy goes to jail for just a few days.

  11. Policeman suggests I 'barter' my wallet back.

  12. I tell pickpocket in Cantonese that if I get my wallet back with my China permit and ALL the money, I will not prosecute him.

  13. Pickpocket agrees.

  14. Policeman, Leon & I escort pickpocket out of station.  (Pickpocket even apologises to me and offers me a ciggie!)

  15. A woman appears with my wallet.   Everything intact.

  16. We shake policeman's hand and thank him.

21.  We jump in taxi and as we drive away, see the pickpocket & his accomplice walking down the street.......

So I'm back in Hong Kong and have learnt my lesson - NEVER EVER put Wallet in your jeans pocket!!  I have been to Shenzhen so many times and will continue to do so.  Just my first pickpocketing experience....

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Another blog entry

I get reminders to write a 'blog entry'.  this is tough.  I dont even keep a diary for the same reason.  Not sure why anyone would want to read my thoughts.  I think my actions speak louder than words...

Anyway i'm having a stressful time, I have twin daughters aged 21 months, thats stressful enough but first Chloe got a high fever on Friday morning (over 40) and I headed out in a typhoon 8 to take her to hospital, she was diagnosed with dehydration and put on an IV drip.   When they are that young, a parent has to stay so that parent was/is me.  Ashley (my other daughter) then got a high fever yesterday but much worse symptoms, she turned blue and couldn't talk and her oxygen levels were at dangerous.   So she checked in yesterday and Chloe went home.  I'm getting to spend quality one-on-one time with my daughters but not the way I would choose to do it.  

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Annoucing my first blog entry!

new to blogging and the Internet, ok I'm kidding, just new to blogging.

Am looking forward to Underground 63 tomorrow at The Cavern.  its been awhile

since I've seen Violent Jokes.   Supper Moment should be a huge surprise to the

audience.     May the sunshine hold!

love Chris B xx



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