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new director reel

hello everyone check out my director reel!http://www.chilkong.com/directing_reel.html:-)

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putting on a show

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hello everyone

I'm directing a live theater production which will open AUG 2nd in Los Angeles.

It's a Traditional Southern play written by Tennessee Williams called Suddenly, Last Summer.  Why Tennessee Williams?  Okay, believe it or not, I grew up in the south, in a trailer park.  Yup A trailer park.  So I'm a red neck at heart. 

Now I know I'm not the only one.  So for all the proud Asian American RED NECKS out there.  This play is for you.

If you are in Los Angeles, please check out th...Read more

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Working on the Mikado Project Trailer

Been cloistered away for the last 3 days working on a trailer for my feature The Mikado Project.


keep looking out for it

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directing a showcase

Yeah, I know SHOWCASE?

But I've been working with this amazing Casting Director and her company and they are legit.  It's Cricket Feet and they are presenting a showcase this week WED and THURS the 9th and 10th at the Colony Theater in Burbank. 

Here is the link


OH DID I MENTION that I just shot my first feature?  Yeah.  I did.  Will keep you all posted as we get the trailer finalize...Read more

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America's Best Dance Crew JabbaWackeeZ!

two out of the three best Dance Crews where mostly Asian American!

take that America

And the winner JabbaWackeeZ!

I'm still a huge fan of Kabba Modern!

mad props to Asian American dancers, you make me proud!

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Merry X-mas and happy holidays!

it's been a crazy year!

And I have tons to be thankful for.

First and foremost, my father-in-law is doing well after suffering a severe stroke a few weeks ago.

Second, for having such supportive friends throughout this difficult time

Third, for having such supportive family

To everyone who has been a part of my life, thank you all for putting up with me.



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Raining in LA...

It's raining in the city of angels and I'm not there to see it, feel it, smell it.

I love Los Angeles after a rain.  Its as if the entire city took one long hot shower, everyone all at once.  Yeah, let that image sink in.  But I'm in Virginia, missing the people, missing my friends, and missing my wife. 

Hope you are all with the people you love, or at the very least with the people you love at this moment.

Hope the shopping hasn't sharpened the disdain you might have built up over the years over this...Read more

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