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Selecting An Internet Service Provider

The number of companies that helps in getting Internet for your home is so high that it can be confusing in selecting the best one for you. Aside from the plans and prices that they offer, there are other features that can be used for comparison. Read on to find out how these can help you decide the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) for you.

Data Cap

There are ISPs who imposes a cap on the amount of data a user can use in a particular period. This is important to know because once the consumer reaches the cap, further use of the service will incur additional charges. This wouldn’t be a problem if the internet connection is used mainly for casual web browsing and sending e-mails, but this restriction can really limit video streaming. This feature is a disadvantage and must be known to the client prior to signing the contract.

Add-ons and Special Features

ISPs tend to provide extras to make customers feel that they are getting a value with their contract. Examples of these additions are free subscriptions to music or video streaming sites, anti-virus program subscriptions and ISP-branded email addresses. 

There are also companies that provide free Wi-Fi hotspot access if the user is within the vicinity of their public radio towers. This would be an advantage especially if you like spending time outside with your laptop or mobile device.

Offering discounted introductory prices is also another way to attract potential customers. In comparing the contract price offered by different service providers, always use the regular price instead of the introductory price as a point of comparison.

Customer Support

The availability of customer support in case of problems is another factor to consider. Reading reviews on customer service of ISPs can be tricky because readers tend to post negative reviews more frequently than positive ones. Some of the things consumer complain about are long waiting time and delayed or inappropriate resolution to the problem.

There are companies on the internet such as Consumer Reports that utilizes a survey-based feedback that provides a clearer picture on the customer service experience of its user. Always go for the ISP that offer support in multiple platforms such as phone, email and chat.

Aside from these points, it also advisable to talk to your friends and relatives about their ISPs and their experience especially when they encounter a problem. Since this can possibly involve signing a contract, choosing an ISP should be done carefully and not done hurriedly.

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