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Peptides Supplements – Why You Should Take Them

Peptides are present in every living cell, it is a short polymer of amino acid monomers. They are usually distinguished according to the protein’s size. In general, they contain less than 50 monomer units. It is formed by two or more amino acids that join together. If the number of proteins, however, is less than 50, then it is recognized as peptides. When the amino acids join together there is a special linkage which called nitrogen atom to the carboxyl carbon.

Why take them?

Peptides have many functions in the body. They control and influence our bodies to react particularly in diet and body workout. Moreover, peptides act like neurotransmitter which serves as a chemical messenger and transmit signals. Of course, amino acids are common among fitness, especially in body building. However, peptides supplementation is a better alternative. It is because your body will no longer have to break down a large number of protein molecules. In fact, according to professional physicians and medical doctors, peptides is more stable in the body which is very beneficial.


Despite being beneficial, there are some controversies being discussed in online forums,  community board, online reviews, and blogs. Usually, peptides come in injectable forms which are banned by the sports commission and many athletic organizations. After injecting peptides, it produces a high lean body mass and improve speed recovery. Other types of peptides can be also used to deal with wrinkling and skin tanning. This peptide is known as Melanotan, it is legally available but exclusively for research purposes. Take note that there are no recent studies regarding side effects using peptides in the long term.

Glutamine and Creatine

Other common supplement names in bodybuilding are glutamine and creatine. Glutamine is a type of amino acid which is used to replace the side chain hydroxyl. While creatine is an organic acid that helps to supply energy to all body cells. But there are Glutamine and Creatine supplements that contain peptides. Glutamine and creatine peptides are commonly distributed in pill or powder form. The formulation can bring a whole spectrum of amino acids. Compared to traditional glutamine and creatine, the formulation has less side effects and it is more effective. These supplements are very beneficial for body builders and weight lifters since this can generate adequate amount of amino acids which is stable and can be easily digested. In addition, peptides enable your body to absorb more bio available amino acids. 

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January 9, 2016

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