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nice movie..

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survey from a friend..

**50 questions...

1.whats your name?

-cheenee jane tan

  1. Okay, but what does your best

friend/s call you?

  • chen, cheenee, shobe, shob, chin-chin
  1. Have you ever kissed someone with


  • not yet
  1. Who is the fourth received call on

your call log?

  • uhmm..my sis??

5.If you could change your eye color

what would it be?

  • green!!

6 . What i...Read more

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hi..hello..anybody there????echo.....

hi hi!

school is exhausting but fun.. i just finshed watching the movies "lake house", "just like heaven", "music and lyrics",and  "a lot like love" again. yup, i decided to watch them again. it's my way of relaxing..watching movies...another busy week is coming....woooohhhoooo.... i just wanna finish school and get a job that pays well...

btw, here's a poem i got from a friend of mine...

The seas...Read more

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hahaha!   classes just started earlier today...

i am so excited for tomorrow...i have my white uniform now, and tomorrow is the start of our exposure in the fields of nursing. I know that i am going to be very busy, but i just feel like schooling....hehe i missed all my  friends and classmates.

take care guys, i won't be blogging for sometime but i'll be peeking on your new blogs and read them.

oh well, time to study now, i still have quizzes for tomorrow and i...Read more

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bcoz 3 words are not enough...

i've read it somewhere else...just want to share with you guys..

Girl: Do you really love me?

Boy: Of course I do.

Girl: I wanna hear you say it.

Boy: I don’t have to.

Girl: Why not?

Boy: Because...

Girl: I just want to hear you say it in


Boy: I can’t...

The girl started to cry softly and said:

Then you don't love me...

The two continued to walk in silence. They

reach...Read more

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in the past two days, i decided to clean the house since i don't have much to do. missed the chance to go to the cemetery since my bro was at work, my sis went on a trip with her bf , mom went to her sis's house and helped in cooking food for visiting my uncle,  and my dad is sick so i have to watch over him. but, even though i was not able to visit my grandpa and grandma, i always pray for their souls.  

so, second semester is fast approaching...enrollment is on the 6th and classes r...Read more

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I'm sorry

that I bought you roses

to tell you that i like you

I'm sorry

That I was raised with respect

not to sleep with you when you were


I'm sorry

That my body's not ripped enough

to "satisfy" your wants

I'm sorry

that I open your car door,

and pull out your chair like I was


I'm sorry

That I'm not cute enough

to be "your guy"Read more

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choose the color of what you FEEL TODAY...

here are the colors that you can

choose from:

PURPLE- feeling a little lonely.

WHITE -having problems.

GREEN-just relaxing.

YELLOW-addicted to candy.

PINK- feeling so happy.

GRAY- having a boring time.

BLACK-  craving for chocolate.

AQUA-hyper hyper.

ORANGE -not in love.

SKY BLUE-calm.

RED-happy because the person you love

loves you back.

VIOLET- you like someone.

TURQUOISE-...Read more

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health concerns...

i wanna lose weight.....i guess i have to control my appetite.. hehe

i am not overweight though..my BMI is good. i just wanna look good, but i feel happy of myself.

i don't wanna try crash diets because it only washes water and not fats...ggrrrrr.....

i wanna lose some inch around my waist and my arms....my arms are like  boxer's arms!! wahahaha!!   any good advice?? hehe

btw, my friend has problems with falling...Read more

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my my my....


here's one of my most favorite lines...in a movie..

"that's what we do, we fight. You tell me when I'm being an arrogant son of a bitch, and i tell you when you're being  a pain in the ass, which you are, 99% of the time. i'm not afraid to hurt your feelings. you have like a 2 second rebound rate and then you're back doing the next pain in the ass thing. i'm not saying it's not gonna be easy..it's gonna be really hard, but i want to do that everyday, coz i want you. i want all of you. yo...Read more

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we go through life thinking someone else will make us happy but we\\\'re wrong. Being happy is our choice we just need someone else to share it with..=)


August 27, 2005