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hi guys! belated happy april fool's day!

so..i was just thinking..this saturday my sis and i are about to go for an island hopping with some friends..but unfortunately, we just heard last monday that my aunt died in japan. she lived there for over a decade already and i haven't seen her since she went to japan. she got her feet infected..and then complications occur because her sugar was also high and it was not controlled so she got a brain stroke...she was about to go home already...a few days before the incident took place, she was ready and went off to the airport but she was stuck, the agency wouldn't let her travel because of her condition..

now, i am thinking..if she was able to go home that day..then maybe, just maybe we were able to take care of her...she has her family here....we're here for her... and well, they always say that when i was little i looked just like her...hhmm..and they even call me "little mimi"..but the real mimi now is gone.. and i wish for her to have a new peaceful life in heaven with God and with her son.

i am not so sure now if i'm still going to go for island hopping....


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Take care & God bless Mimi and little Mimi. Say prayers for her.
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Oh my. Things took a turn for the worse pretty fast. I'm sorry for your loss, dear.
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I am sorry to hear this... =(
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oh no... so sorry to hear this... my condolences to your family. take care.
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I'm sorry, my fullest condolences!
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we go through life thinking someone else will make us happy but we\\\'re wrong. Being happy is our choice we just need someone else to share it with..=)


August 27, 2005