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  • Boxing Glove Review - Protex2

    Friday, Dec 23, 2011 10:31AM / Standard Entry / Members only

    Boxing Glove Review - Protex2

    When choosing the right gloves for boxing there are many things that come into play when finally deciding on a glove that fits your personal needs. Recently I've had the chance to pick up some Protex2 boxing gloves. Thin pa3535u-1brs gs such as durability, material, comfort, hand/wrist support and price all com into play when making your ultimate decision for a pair of boxing gloves. ms1006 The following is a review of the Everlast Protex2 boxing glove.

    Durability. So I've had the Protex2 gloves akku for a couple of months now and everything is holding up fine. I box about 3-4 times a week for a few hours per session mixing up betweenmsi ms1006 akkun bag, mitt work as well as lots of sparring. The Protex2 have not had any issues with becoming unstitched, abnormal lumps, or any tearing. Certain gloves that I have had in the past have torn within a week of normal wear and tear, be w akku eary of the cheap 19.99 gloves.

    Comfort is great in the Protex2. Depending on how you wrap you toshiba r hands the glove isn't too tight or have too much wiggle room. With some gloves after extended periods of time your h vgp-bps10 and may become cramped with certain boxing glo original ves but that didn't happen with the Protex2 gloves at all. There's also some vent holes that help give your hands a little needed fresh air. We all kntoshiba pa3535u-1brs akkuow just how sweaty our hands can get while we box for hours on end, a little ventilation goes a long way The one element that I felt a bit uncomforakku original shoptable with was the spacing between the thumb and the rest of the glove, it just felt a little weird. Hand/wrist support The hand and wrist support in the Everlast Protex2 is akku above average. I never felt any kind of sprains, aches or like I needed some extra protection for my wrists or han msi ds. I use standard Mexican wraps the 180s and everything felt good. Sometimes boxing gloves can feel like there i sony s too much space around the wrist area which can in turn lead to injuries.

    Overall I like the Everlast Protex2 glsony original vgp-bps10 akkuove. It can be used by just about anyone from novice to the experienced veteran. I have a few pairs of boxing gloves and these babies constantly make it into my rotation. The extra padding is great for protection and your sparring partners will also thank you.Definitely a good value.

    This is a decent glove that can be used to hit the bags, shadow boxing, or light sparring.

    Pros: Breathes well; Good Wrist Support

    Cons: A bit small in the wrists. I bought a L/XL and the first time I put them on it was hard to close the wrist support. It has stretched out a little bit and it is easier to close now, but keep in mind this when using wraps and your hand size.

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