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  • Blog: Sunday, Jan 13

    Sunday, Jan 13, 2008 3:18PM / Standard Entry


    Children are really tiring. My grandma rocks cos she made a whole pot of my favourite chicken soup dosed with liberal amounts of huadiaojiu. I cant wait for dinner. And church was alrights though I was thinking of some rather frustrating stuff. Heart-to-heart with the pastor cleared up things a little but I am still confused. Oh well. I should stop thinking and after typing chinese for so long in the box. I declare that my chinese is really terrible. Byeeee people, I need a rest. Cause he went home with my grandparents.


  • Blog: Saturday, Jan 12

    Saturday, Jan 12, 2008 11:12PM / Standard Entry

    this is my loverboy (the guy on the left) he looks a hell lot like .....

    what me and my friend were doing using my webcam (we has so much fun)

    I know how much loverboy looks like _______ but he hates being compared to _______. And you guys should see him with his specs on. As for who the girl is, that is his sister, not me. Hahahahh. I had a lot of fun today with one of my rather good friends, sharleen. Vid marathon + gossiping + snacking is my fav way of passing a boring saturday afternoon. And sorry guys if I kept appearing in and out of the box. I was having wayy too much fun :)

    and diana i m still in the process of taking the photos on my camera. I will upload by tomorrow. I promise :)


  • Blog: Friday, Jan 11

    Friday, Jan 11, 2008 2:08PM / Standard Entry

    This is what freedom of speech in spore mean. A is the guy who wrote such irritating and upsetting comments. As for the story, I will say it in a new entry. It is complicated


    A :

    firstly,stop complaining about the attitude of the class when u jus cant seem to mix in
    if u are anti social, admit it and do something about it dun bitch around.
    FURTHERMORE in ur post in sound as if u will die without frenz bla bla. is not like u dun have the support of ur family members. imagine those who lived alone as a orphan and ostracized by classmates, why arent they complaing and u are complaining so much ?

    secondly, when u help someone out is shld be out of good will but not asking for something in return. even if u want something in return u mus make him or her do it willingly not ask for it. Ex. asking the class to thank u for ur effort and "HARD" work. wei xuan, aqilah in the class did so many things and did not ask anything for return. what are u compared to them ?? NOTHING

    thirdly, PLS learn to handle ur own stress urself. dun go blaming everyone for everything that happened to u but urself. no matter how much stress dance and studies are putting on u, u still have to learn how to handle it or go suicide. u dun make a differece in this world.

    the whole world doesnt revolve around u, many ppl are suffering much more than u. For now u are jus facing a CLASS of 20++ ppl and u are complaining this much, i cant seem to imagine the moment u step into the society facing the whole damn world. i bet soon u ll join taliban.

    in ur whole damn blog u make it sound like u are the good guy and the class is the bad ones


    ohhh .good lord .haevnt you read the post above .are you blind or something .i said my apologies .no doubt i was asked to do it .seriously are you guys out to kill .if others can accept it .why cant you .i can bet 100% you are from the class .so why dont you just step out and announce your name like katie .

    i never expected anything in return already .i have learnt that lesson well a long long time .and i will admit weixuan did a lot of things for the class .but aqilah .all i have to say is ...

    did i say i was suffering .you made it sound as if i was dying .hello .i m much sronger than just that .the world does not revolve around me .neither does it revolve around you .the entire comment about made you seem saintly .as if you were defending yourself and not the class .personally if you think you are popular .so be it .i cannot be bothered .i have a social life mind you .just not in school. if it werent for dance .i swear i would have never ever step foot into the school grounds .and as for suicide .are you seriously out of your mind .if i had stress .it was just an accumulation .if i wanted to kill myself .i would have done it long time ago .if i wanted to leave this world .i would not need to waste my parents money on an operation to change my jawline when it would not have mattered once i m buried underground or cremated .so stop acting like a know-it-all

    and yes i know how society is .but hello .it is just a blog post .havent you heard of 'FREEDOM OF SPEECH' .be happy i havent started using vulgarities .it was an anger post .this is a place i want to vent my feelings at .if not where. redirect my emotions at my friends who are all so not involved in this whole matter .and are innocent .as for who is good and who is bad .has the line ever been clear .i never said i was a good person (read the post above again) .so stop assuming .and what has taliban got to do with this .i wil never want a time out .as you said it is only 20+++ people .there are still many times the no of people who i will meet in the society .and i can differentiate those who cared .but i will bet you will not be one of those

    i dont know why i m wasting time typing this when you has obviously not read things properly and made tons of assumptions .but who cares .i dont .neither will any other people who read this .


    apologies after u made the whole world thing that the class is mistreating u ... thats useful ... nice try ... if i dun make my point, i bet all the frens u haf still think that the class is ostracizing u for no reason ...

    u DID expect smth from the class, u wanted the class to go to UR concert but ask urself, how many games and concert haf u went to support our class? EVEN if u went for everything, it still doesnt mean that we must go support u ... this is singapore, a democratic country we are given the freedom of CHOICE. Oh, perhaps u think that singapore is a communist state, and ur dad is the chairman mao. Rapture is supposed to be a concert for ppl who appreciate sajc dance to go to isnt it ? it was not created to let us go support u (in case u didnt noe dat). finally, removing ur previous post doesnt mean that the post is erased from the hearts of those who read it. some things will remain etched in hearts of many.

    u think that aqilah didnt do work or as much as u did? she's the assis. clas rep mind u, she had did so much admin work but with a simple " ... " u denied all that.

    im not here to defend myself on anything neither is it for the class sake is jus the way u write ur post, the amount of accusations u make, the wrong impression u will gif others on our class ... ... u can say u hate the class bla bla i dun care but when u start generalising making tarded coments about the class and making urself seem godly and the fault lies in the class WOW.

    here are some tarded statements ppl will ever make such as>>>>>>"i would not need to waste my parents money on an operation to change my jawline when it would not have mattered once i m buried underground or cremated .so stop acting like a know-it-all" >>>>>>>>>"if it werent for dance .i swear i would have never ever step foot into the school grounds ."
    BTW u haf jus wasted ur parents money educating u and tuitioning u and there u are saying u went to sch for dance and will not waste their money.

    u nvr used vulgarities ? nid me gif u the link ? http://novembersecrets.livejournal.com/?skip=20
    i bet u can find more den 5 F**k there.

    oh u say u wun suffering right ?
    read this >>>>
    "i dont want to say but you know who you are .so yar. just leave me alone and give it a rest can .i m just damn pek chek at how things are going and i need not want any more troubles .i dont come or go home early because there is nothing for me to look forward everyday .and my insomia is getting worse .and it is partially caused by you guys .and if i one day stop coming to school . i will write a letter .i swear i will .and hand it to mr lim .and ask him to read it out .all the beratings and anger .i m so disappointed .with myself and the people around me .what is the point of crying and cursing .my troubles will not go away .i cry to myself every night .then go to bed. but cannot sleep .my parents are not around due to work .and then i can only chat with my friends on MSN cos i have no time .who can i turn ot ? no one .attitude from everyone to me .i can only take so much .but then if you all like .i will be your punching bag .cos i think i m almost like non-existent .i really hate you all .i really do ."

    ur own post above... werent u sound like u WERE suffering ? maybe my eng sux so much that i nid to retake O level eng soon. u mentioned that wad i said was assumptions, read ur own post for evidence PLS... i cross refernece plus infer all from ur " nice blog "

    finally, after all the comments above, perhaps i SHLD be the one asking why im typing all this when i could be studying for my promos...
    hello .mr wow/ms wow .you have outdone yourself here .firstly i must like really congratulate you for reading all my posts .and reminding me what i blog in the past .

    since you like the class so much .well .you can start an 'i love S20' campaign .cos it wont bother me .i have made my point clear from day one that i never liked the class and i never will .and i made it clear to everyone in the entire world .honestly .you said spore is a democratic society .well .let me see .i m in a democratic society but i cant make my own feelings known .weird isnt it .

    gosh .cross reference and inference. well .i hope you will get an A for GP .i never knew my blog was such 'good reading material' .and my vulgarities was in no way your business .i enver said i never used vulgarities .i said i did not use it in that particular post .like hello .

    anyway .if you want to defend aqilah .i dont care. cos you know what .that is your problem .not mine .and since you think you are wasting time here defending yourself .dont come back and waste my time replying to you .cos it just pisses me off .you are from the class and you know that .so just leave me alone and i will leave you alone .and stop being annoymous .it is so easy to guess who you are .
    oh yar .till now i havent forgive the guy who said this. Cause he really pissed me off


  • Blog: Tuesday, Jan 8

    Tuesday, Jan 8, 2008 3:44PM / Standard Entry


  • Blog: Tuesday, Jan 8

    Tuesday, Jan 8, 2008 12:37PM / Standard Entry

    Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=QOqXlbWf9Io

    hooots :) this is niceeeee but pretty long ago .hahahah



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