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Hello World,I missed you.There is so many things going on, that I m afraid. I made the resolution to step out, be myself.But I want to crawl back into my hole in the wall and just be invisible.I can't. I need this to work.Chartering into new/old waters.Help me God. Let me get through it cos I want it so badly.And it is pappi-poo birthday today.Happy 52th.You are the best and always will be the best. Together with my mama.xC.P.S

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"Oh so you like my face?."I actually said that to someone in a total disbelieving tone. Hey, I was never a pretty one. Gastric flu, shit goes down all the time. Well on my way to recovery, but rushing collections for the shop might just be my thing.We is have new stuff,www.thisisrelative.comThings to contemplate/more like do1. ZoukOut2. New products3. Stop online shopping.4. MMM x H&M (no time!.)5. Brissy, Sydney, Europe, HK, Korea in a year. 

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Favourites to listen and wallow in.It is F1 week again, debauchery and decadence highly welcome.Reaching out to more possibilities.Happiness is earned, not stagnant.Maybe this is really my calling.

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Rambling nonsense per usual, I would like to fill this entire post with gifs/memes/videos of Suits. But I m not going to do it and definitely not going to share my personal Harvey Specter collection. Nopes, definitely not. And oh god Donna. Just for lovability sake, thisAnd just in case you didnt get the love, R. has just launched our beloved second collection.www.thisisrelative.comA post on Suits, clothes and business. Might be my kind of thing. Smooches.

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  1. National Anthem - Lana Del Rey2. I Can't Get You Off My Mind - Miss Li3. Forever Drunk - Miss Li4. Let It Be - BlackMill ft. Veela5. Pretty Babies - Karen ElsonSomething for the ears.I havent been here for a long time. Moving on to sunshine.And just in case you guys missed the memo,THISISRELATIVE.COM
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Charlyn Lim


Cross Country Love. Welcome to Teenage Wasteland, people :D ...Read more

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