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  • Everywhere is Everywhere!

    Monday, Dec 20, 2010 7:28AM / Standard Entry / Members only

    Jenny Everywhere, that is.

    As you may have noticed, i haven't updated in the last few weeks. Holiday time of year tends to crush the whole concept of free time. But, i did participate in another of Warren Ellis's challenges (see the previous entry), this one to visualize Jenny Everywhere, AKA Shifter.
    Jenny is a public domain character with the ability to shift between any and all realities. This allows her to easily be used by any creator who might like to do so. Unfortunately that time crush i mentioned didn't allow me to pack the bar scene with reality hoppers as i had planned when starting the piece, but it still worked out not too badly.  And it even has a familiar face for ANDers:

    In the foreground we have Ron Post with the axe, and Jenny comparing goggles with Savage Henry. Both Ron and Henry are from Matt Howarth's Bugtown comics (Those Annoying Post Brothers, Savage Henry, etc.,.) In the background on the right we have Aztec Ace chatting with Mike Callahan, proprietor of Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, and above them, Papa spider lifting Jr's wallet. That would be Spider Robbin' Son, the creator of Callahan's. To the left, another Jenny (she can and does meet up with herself - here the Jenny's filling in as Doctor Who & Companion), chatting it up with either Gabe Law, or Lawless - Jet Li in The One.
    Here's a closer look at the linework for Jet Li's character:

    Jenny Everywhere is a fun concept character. I'd like to see her gain more widespread usage and recognition. She's probably very popular in some reality, even if not here. Yet.

    And just in case i don't manage to post again before then - Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, and Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates anything this time of year!

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