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An experiment in Mental Theatre

I mentioned last time that i'd be unveiling another of those projects i've been talking about this coming weekend. My new webcomic is going to be quite a bit different from the artwork you've seen from me to date. As you likely know, i tend to work heavily in tones and textures, with only minimal hard lines most of the time. experiMental Theatre, the new webcomic, is being done in stark black & white, with a raw loose brush style - more like an underground comic from years past than the controlled work i usually do.

As the title might imply, this is an experiment to me, in many ways. The art being the first, most obvious - forcing me to visualize in ways i usually don't when i approach each strip. More than that - i'm working with no pencils, no layouts, no script - just me and the brush and the icky things that crawl around in my head. Hence the "Mental" part of the title. And with all the things sharing my head with me, the tag line for the series is "Whose mind is it anyway?"

In keeping with my policy of showing things first to the fans here on alive not dead, and to give you an idea of what i'm talking about in the art department, here's the first strip for experiMental Theatre that will be debuting the 21st on the site.

experiMental Theatre's site is live, and there is some pre-strip activity while i'm fine tuning how things work.


http://eMT.thecomicseries.com/ http://eMT.the-comic.org/

Edit: NOTE: As of today, the strip earnedViolence andNudity tags to go with the pre-existingLanguage warning tag. So be advised to avoid if that sort of thing is bothersome to you. Or possibly be careful where you read the strip, if you like that sort of thing.

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United States
January 6, 2009