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Everywhere is Everywhere!

Jenny Everywhere, that is.

As you may have noticed, i haven't updated in the last few weeks. Holiday time of year tends to crush the whole concept of free time. But, i did participate in another of Warren Ellis's challenges (see the previous entry), this one to visualize Jenny Everywhere, AKA Shifter.

Jenny is a public domain character with the ability to shift between any and all realities. This allows her to easily be used by any creator who might like to do so. Unfortunately that time crush i mentioned didn't allow me to pack the bar scene with reality hoppers as i had planned when starting the piece, but it still worked out not too badly.  And it even has a familiar face for ANDers:

In the foreground we have Ron Post with the axe, and Jenny comparing goggles with Savage Henry. Both Ron and Henry are from Matt Howarth's Bugtown comics (Those Annoying Post Brothers, Savage Henry, etc.,.) In the background on the right we have Aztec Ace chatting with Mike Callahan, proprietor of Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, and above them, Papa spider lifting Jr's wallet. That would be Spider Robbin' Son, the creator of Callahan's. To the left, another Jenny (she can and does meet up with herself - here the Jenny's filling in as Doctor Who & Companion), chatting it up with either Gabe Law, or Lawless - Jet Li in The One.

Here's a closer look at the linework for Jet Li's character:

Jenny Everywhere is a fun concept character. I'd like to see her gain more widespread usage and recognition. She's probably very popular in some reality, even if not here. Yet.

And just in case i don't manage to post again before then - Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, and Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates anything this time of year!

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Okay, back to more Artwork

Besides building up a back log of strips for the webcomic and getting development work for the graphic novel done, one thing that's been keeping me busy lately is Warren frelling Ellis.  Over at Whitechapel, he keeps issuing irresistible art challenges.

The last two were to do a movie poster for a Spider-Man movie by David Lynch, and for a 1977 movie poster for a Justice League film from Malcom McClaren. (McClaren, for you youngsters, was the producer of The Sex Pistols and others).

This time, here's my result for the David Lynch Spider-Man poster:

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An experiment in Mental Theatre

I mentioned last time that i'd be unveiling another of those projects i've been talking about this coming weekend. My new webcomic is going to be quite a bit different from the artwork you've seen from me to date. As you likely know, i tend to work heavily in tones and textures, with only minimal hard lines most of the time. experiMental Theatre, the new webcomic, is being done in stark black & white, with a raw loose brush style - more like an underground comic from years past than the controlled work i usually do.

As the title might imply, this is an experiment to me, in many ways. The art being the first, most obvious - forcing me to visualize in ways i usually don't when i approach each strip. More than that - i'm working with no pencils, no layouts, no script - just me and the brush and the icky things that crawl around in my head. Hence the "Mental" part of the title. And with all the things sharing my head with me, the tag line for the series is "Whose mind is it anyway?"

In keeping with my policy of showing things first to the fans here on alive not dead, and to give you an idea of what i'm talking about in the art department, here's the first strip for experiMental Theatre that will be debuting the 21st on the site.

experiMental Theatre's site is live, and there is some pre-strip activity while i'm fine tuning how things work.


Edit: NOTE: As of today, the strip earnedViolence andNudity tags to go with the pre-existingLanguage warning tag. So be advised to avoid if that sort of thing is bothersome to you. Or possibly be careful where you read the strip, if you like that sort of thing.

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More Words

Going to keep it short this week - been a busy one. This time is the second of the poems i mentioned last week. This one was a very personal poem, with a lot more truth in it than might seem to be.

Next time: My new webcomic debuting on Sunday.

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Words, not pictures

Something a little different this week. Instead of talking about or showing some of my ongoing visual art work, i'm delving into the past and pulling out some written art. I've been trying to dig out some of my old poetry, with only minimal success. Fortunately, the few i've found so far are among my favorites of what i've done.

This first one i'm running today is actually intended to be both visual and written art - i had planned to do a full page piece for each verse. Now that i've found the poem, that may yet happen. For now, however, here's the poem by itself:

(Bonus points to anyone who spots the pov for this piece)

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C'thul-Whu? now available

The finished print is now available, as must be obvious from the title. As you can see, i decided it was worthwhile to go through the effort of changing the aspect ratio from the previous exclusive so i could show a bit more thigh in the final version.

For detail views, see my Third Road page for C'thul-Whu? To purchase a poster or museum quality canvas print, visit my C'thul-Whu? store page

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Done - and Undone

Well, the print is done. But it's not.

You see, i changed the print service i was planning to use, in part because of their size/pricing plan. I had to crop the height of the image previously, or else i would have had to double the price of the print.

Now that i've decided to go with a different service, I need to undo that work, while cropping a bit from width.

And that's one of the reasons i love creating my art on computers. I work in massive layers, so each element in the image is manipulable - and most importantly here - movable. As i change the dimensions of the image, i'm not limited to cropping, as i would have been when i worked on paper. (Damn - over a quarter of a century ago) Instead the image can be rebalanced to fit the new space.

So, while the image isn't ready for sale, it is "done". And here's an Alive-not-Dead exclusive premiere of the wrong-aspect version:


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A week later...

I may have planned to have the print ready this week, but life, and death, had other plans.

We lost an old friend this week - George Tobin, also known as Ted, or the Wolf Man, passed from total liver failure. It wasn't a great surprise, his health had been shaky for a long time. But still a sad time for his family and friends, and a busy time helping to take care of his effects.

Add to that having to take a couple of days to work out a new style for a possible gig, and today was the first time all week i was able to sit down to any of my own work. And only for a few hours at that.

So another teaser today instead of the planned release. Last time i gave a tease of the primary character. This time, a work-in-progress version of the background to the piece. This is a 5% of size scaled version - the original is geared to print at 24"x36" - so you may find it looks just a bit busy at this size. And yet it's not busy enough yet for my final detail levels.

Next time, the final work. (Barring divine or unholy intervention, of course.)

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Interesting times

Just referring to my own life there - not the world in general. So, no, i'm not invoking the mythical Chinese curse there. But lots going on - work on developing MASKS proceeds apace, but not only that. I'm working on a couple other projects, one of which should see completion next week, and you'll hear about it here when it does.

In the meantime, i realized that the advance promotional piece for MASKS i posted here earlier had a significant error. Amy was not wearing her warpaint. So while the original blog entry has the old version, i have corrected the version in the picture gallery.

And here's a little work-in-progress hint for the print i'll be unveiling next week:

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First promo for MASKS

Yes, i know i don't even have a publisher for the book yet - it's still in early development.

But the ad campaign for the book just blossomed in my head last week, and i started setting up layouts for a half dozen promotional posters. I just couldn't stop until i got one at least close to completion.

As you can see, the ads won't necessarily be telling readers a great deal about the book:

Our five primary heroes in the foreground are, from left to right - Amerinda Lake, Juan Blanco, Yuen Po, Meh Lani, and 17. While most of the book will be in black & white, you can see here what they'll look like with their colours on.

I left this shot at 1024x768 size for any who wanted to grab it for wallpaper. There will likely be some tweaks before i release it to the general public, so consider this an AliveNotDead exclusive version of the pic.


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