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  • The Ho’s on 7th Avenue Episode 1

    Sunday, Mar 18, 2012 1:30AM / Standard Entry / Members only

    The Ho's on 7th Avenue Episode 1
    The Ho’s on 7th Avenue is a new dramady webseries about a family of adult siblings living together as the family dynamics within the house is changed when the older brother is forced to move back into the house after losing everything including his wife and job. Here’s a look in to the Ho family:

    John Ho is the oldest sibling. He grew up feeling responsible for his siblings as his parents frequently traveled back to Hong Kong for business. John felt an obligation to do this being the oldest. He has an accounting degree as well as his CPA, but was recently laid off due to his inability to adapt to using the computer as he always worked the books by hand. He has also been recently divorced and lost everything in a settlement, thus bringing him back to the family.

    Lily Ho is the middle child. She has always enjoyed the world of Art, and has an art history degree. She strives to be an artist although her work isn’t good. She is conflicted with her beliefs in the Chinese tradition, yet she constantly does things that would be approved by the parents. She loves to cook.

    Reagan Ho is the youngest of the Ho’s. He was named after Ronald Reagan by his parents. He has a computer gaming degree and is currently working as an in-house game tester for video/computer games. He enjoys playing video/computer games, tabletop RPG’s, board games, and reads comic books. He spends more time playing games with his friends then he does with his girlfriend.

    Megan Brookes is Reagan’s girlfriend. She is currently a 1st year resident in medical school. She really cares for Reagan and even tries to get involved with the games he plays, although she isn’t great at playing or understanding them. She also loves to cook.

    Stay tuned for more episodes from The Ho’s.

    The Ho’s on 7th Avenue Episode 1

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