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New Love by Magnetic North x Taiyo Na x Heather Park

New Love by Magnetic North x Taiyo Na x Heather Park

Magnetic North x Taiyo Na x Heather Park share a music video for their song “New Love” off Magnetic North’s Home:Word album. All these artist combine to offer a special message about new love in their song. The music video follows a young who woman who runs toward her new love. What’s you new love?

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New Love by Magnetic North x Taiyo Na x Heather Park

Lyrics to New Love by Magnetic North x Taiyo Na x Heather Park

  • TAIYO -

it’s tough out there whether you single or not

feel right but then rub your temple and stop

enter a shock or pretend that you’re not

you roam all alone taken every option

how come it’s so hard to find love

how many do before their time’s up

some grow cold and fold their life up

i do it all the time when i think that life sucks

it’s shaky ground i don’t really know you

let’s keep it real about the things we go through

like how you got baggage from your old dude

and i know i got flaws that ain’t so cool

take a leap of faith in the riddle of my eyes

i’m a moon all alone in the middle of the sky

we 2 broken hearts who can mend together

and if we give it all we could mend forever

  • CHORUS -

it’s a new love

what can we do love

we’re going through what

opens you up

cuz it’s a new love

a total new love

when it’s through love

i hope it’s you love

  • DEREK -

something bout you changes my attitude

you take old nostalgia and make it brand new

cuz you teleport me to my boyz ii men days

so much i’m tempted to record and make you a corny mix tape

it feels like we’re in high school and you are my boo

and the only way i know how to rock is beside you

like ross and rachel tom collins and angel

we’re a fuzzy sitcom love crossed with a broadway musical

cuz you’re the closest i’ve ever had to feeling so surreal

i think it’s raining candy canes quote soul 4 real

and you’re so down to earth always down to nerd out

we’re a nerd match in heaven girl this could work out

it’s been so many years since i’ve felt this up high

felt this much trust and felt this much inspired

you’ve given a hopeless romantic hope yet

cuz you’re my homegirl the girl i want to go home with



against the odds but i’m no mathematician

not in the cards but i’m no black magician

against our god but i don’t know religion

not in the stars but forget the solar system

we’re so resistant but what’s there to lose love

i know it’s new love but you give me goose bumps

forgive my loose tongue i speak too easily

but it seems to me this is what it seems to be

and we’re vietnamese of course i feel ya

love how your name is so phonetically familiar

from the same homeland we got the same symmetry

from the same language where love means injury

and that’s the minute we knew it was dangerous

militant cupid got a cruise missile aimed at us

we could be like whitney houston’s the greatest love

or at least see how beautiful the train wreck was

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