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  • Like That by Manifest

    Tuesday, Mar 20, 2012 3:04AM / Standard Entry / Members only

    Like That by Manifest

    Rapper Manifest dropped a new track “Like That”. He lays down what he likes and what he doesn’t like along with the state of the music industry. Manifest keeps it real with his perspective. Do you hear him?

    You can download his track FREE below:
    Like That by Manifest

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    Like That by Manifest

    Lyrics to Like That by Manifest

    I’m just an analog rapper with a digital surface
    making beats, next step is i just pick one and murk it
    is it perfect? i don’t know but y’all describe it as ‘murdered’
    had to get that out the way before we went any further
    they say that 2012 is it, that leaves a year right?
    meaning i don’t got much left?…yeah i’ma veer right
    sorry i don’t buy it, never take what they implying
    i don’t care about the Mayans, i just trust in God’s timing
    knock em out the box mani, knock em out
    drop your confidence like confetti,
    still there’s a lot many steady waiting begging for knowledge i’ll be your library
    full of wu verses of course Biggie and Makaveli
    i’m a problem and you’ve hit rock bottom
    you are prolly why hiphop’s rotting
    so i kinda find this ironic
    when you’re claiming like “this my honor”
    but then you go ‘head and piss right on it

    But you don’t hear me do ya?

    Last year Nicki Minaj went IN on ‘Monster’
    This year Nicki Minaj look like a monster
    might as well make an odd future with Tyler
    it does seem breezy but are u sure rihanna
    let me do the honors here and say I DON’T LIKE THAT
    real emcees never see the pay I DON’T LIKE THAT
    this song’ll prolly never see the light of day I DON’T LIKE THAT
    and the world got they eyes on Jeremy Lin, yo I LIKE THAT
    i heard some OG’s forming up a standard
    which is cool but kinda desperate if u ask me that’s my answer
    i like em by they own but i guess it’s good timing
    build a ladder by the charts if ur thinking u could climb it
    Nas is still nasty, I’m over lil wayne though
    feeling rich forever but the camp’s got the same flow
    it was a cold world, till i heard Cole World
    sparked my inner kanye to show it to the whole world

    But you don’t hear me do ya?

    You counting sheep, I’m counting blessings in my sleep even
    my fountain’s deep, I found your vessel but it keeps leaking
    feel the beast breathing man it’s peak season
    let the world walk around in my shoes although my feet freezin
    was borderline bored of rhyming but there’s more to my
    album orders, i’ll be sure we both can pour the wine
    i rather break bread than make bread or break even
    it ain’t leaving. cheddar cheese there’s always more to grind
    the game’s a quarter blind if it’s never seen me though
    there the grass is green yeah i see the low
    nah i wouldn’t say i’m all grown but i’m homegrown
    holdon when did it turn to swag instead of mojo, i don’t like that
    there go all the legends i want mike back
    rest in peace whitney can’t believe it what a nightmare
    so many crooked paths, to go straight is to sidetrack
    i might snap, we need the real back than just a nice track

    but you don’t hear me do ya?

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