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Color Script!

Color scripts.  I’ve used and seen them in various film and video game projects I’ve worked on. I’ve also been a huge proponent of them in the  various talks I’ve given and lecture circuits I’ve participated on.  But this is the first time I’ve actually authored one myself.

So what the heck is a color script and why did it take me so long to do my own?  I actually have never encountered a formal ...Read more

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I'm not a very frequent blogger.   I would say I'm a sporadic blogger at best.  But it's a new year, so I figure it's a good as time as any to try starting another burst of blogs.So what have I been busy with lately?  Many, many projects.  But the one taking most of my time is a Disney project that I'm serving as a consulting producer and supervising director on.  It's the third season...Read more

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A Cool Beijing Day

It was actually quite a warm day in Beijing. This is my first October living in Beijing, but even I know today was unseasonably warm. But I thought I had a pretty cool day. So why not chronicle it? Why not indeed. Here's a quickie bullet-point run down:

I woke up to a sunny, warm morning in Beijing with blue skiesWhile preparing for the day, I listened live to the 3rd U.S. presidential debateDealt with my university duties in a conference call with a software team in Silicon ValleyHad a call with LA to review ...Read more

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Computer Art

My old college buddy and former NYC room mate recently sent me an email that got all my computer science, philosophy juices boiling.  I figure this blog is a good place to document such thoughts.  Here's what he wrote:

----- Original Message ----

From: Patrick Coston

To: Cedrick Chan

Sent: Saturday, September 6, 2008 6:17:55 AM

Subject: is it art?

I'm having an argument with my co-workers that maybe you can help shed

some light on.

If I write a program that generates some ...Read more

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Second Entry

I just attended an event that featured Alive Not Dead folk.  So I felt compelled to make another entry.  I recently was asked for my director's bio for a reel.  Since I spent time writing it, I figure I might as well post it somewhere.  That somewhere might as well be here:

Cedrick Chan Director's Bio 2008

Cedrick Chan (陳世傑) is a director with a visual style honed through years in the international film, video game and comic book industries.  He was a visual effects artist at George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic...Read more

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First Entry

 Here's my first Alive Not Dead entry.  Geez!  I guess I have no fans yet! :P Anyway, I'm gonna use this as a way to log some of the goings on in my HK-based creative career. The name of the game this year is directing.  All my current projects revolve around this theme:  The project I'm most excited about is a story that's been in my head since the late '90s.  It took my relocation to Hong Kong to really put the pieces together.  There's now growing momentum as a prominent international film executive has gotten several f...Read more

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