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    Thursday, Apr 29, 2010 4:31PM / Standard Entry / Members only

    It's a good thing I bumped into LA City Council President Eric Garcetti at the VIP Reception who was able to take pics, Twitter & FB effortlessly because I was a nervous wreck.

    This particular Tweet made me very popular, as Eric has a lot of fans and followers:
    @ericgarcetti: Sitting on an air conditioner with @catepark1 listening to Sen. Boxer introduce POTUS.
    Apparently, Wilshire & Washington followed him, too, and posted this pic Eric took. . .
    . . .which looked very similar to a pic I took

    but not nearly as clear
    More blurry pictures here.
    Thanks to Eric Garcetti, I got great seats at both the reception and at the speech. . .as well as a hug from the President and a picture with Governor Gray Davis.

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