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Update..life back in SF..

It's been a long time since I blogged. I didn't have anything to blog...I guess.

I left Hong Kong in Feb. 2009 and transitioning back to life in San Francisco was different. Life here is a very different pace.

Most of the people I know are getting married, having kids or have kids. So most of my social life consists of  wedding, bachelorette parties, family or friends kids's birthday parties, baby showers, and so on.  Of course, i end up being the one taking photos..I don't mind. More practice.  I adm...Read more

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These structures are an amazing site when you see it for your self,  The photo shows it a bit but not the same as seeing up close.

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This was my artjam painting...I really had no clue what to paint or draw, and initially, it was all green!  It stayed green for majority of the night. I gave in and went for the random look, and if you look closely on the bottom, my friend painted her doggy on it, Mr. Pepper by the tree! ha ha.

My friend's painting however, was very amazing! I had no idea she was so artistic!! Seriously!

I think I'm going to stick to  baking/cooking!

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This Christmas...

I wish I could of really celebrated it as best as i could. But I  admit, I didn't do my best to make this Christmas a merry one.

For some reason, there was a lot of negative things that happened.

Christmas Eve was suppose to be a fun potluck then midnight mass. I didn't make it to the pot luck, so i was a bit bummed and cranky...at least I  did make it to midnight mass.The cab driver to church wasn't nice at all and had the short man syndrome! We didn't get a seat at mass, and it was so crowded it became unbe...Read more

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What is this...?

What is this?  It looked like snake skin? Everyone was picking it up and touching it, smelling it?

I, on the other hand was too afraid to touch it.

The store owner was too busy to entertain our curious minds.

Walking down, I saw this and felt Loved.

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Mix Bag...

  I really don't know why...but I love these nai nai dan machines. I go crazy if it's something I really like and even get obsessed with collecting the whole set.

This set is really really cute cute! Of course, I got the whole set. I had a few repeats, and of course, me being so nice, I gave the extra's/repeats to the person (JC) cause they admitted these were pret...Read more

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Two Interesting books...Not many like them around.

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Clouds...that will last..

I woke up one morning and saw this right outside my, while turning off the alarm on my phone, I snapped this photo.  I fell asleep again and when I woke up, the clouds were gone.

I guess nothing lasts forever, unless we make it. Sometimes things were just not meant to last forever.

Regardless if we are holding  on in our head, in our mind, it doesn'...Read more

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My First Blog from Hong Kong!!

Hi Everyone,

I've been back to Hong Kong for just over a month now, and it's been a great to see friends and friends and friends.

I'm still amazed that I took this job and moved back to Hong Kong after I left just three years ago (2005) when I left  Disney. I can still remember when I first came to Hong Kong in 1997. I knew nothing much about the city, had only six friends here and no job! Gosh, I was young and brave to of just came here back then! It was truly a wonderful adventure and am glad to b...Read more

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The last few days....


Yesterday, I had a craving for Pinkberry! I called Erica and said, hey let's go for Pinkberry! Lucky for me, I got her voicemail cause as I was leaving her a message, I caught myself beings "chi seen". I was like, damm, I'm so stupid...I'm in San Francisco, and she's in LA!  I'm so retarded, I'm so used to being in LA, NY every other week for work that I forgotten I'm not traveling anymore and stuck in SF.

...Read more
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