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Carolyn Shek back in SF..

It's been a long time since I blogged. I didn't have anything to blog...I guess.

I left Hong Kong in Feb. 2009 and transitioning back to life in San Francisco was different. Life here is a very different pace.

Most of the people I know are getting married, having kids or have kids. So most of my social life consists of  wedding, bachelorette parties, family or friends kids's birthday parties, baby showers, and so on.  Of course, i end up being the one taking photos..I don't mind. More practice.  I admit, I am starting to hate buying presents and not getting any!! hahaha...

From my friends wedding banquet...

My cousin's baby shower...

She had professional caters!

Cookies with their own signage too! pro..actually, these cookies were excelent. I forgot what they were but it was something like almond butter cookies with sea salt.  I snuck two to go...and had it with milk tea at home. It was heaven! hahaha..

Besides those functions, I find other outings to go I didn't participate, just went to cheer on a few friends who were in a team.

Then the endless visitors who come from all over to visit and I get to be the tour guide.

One of my friends came and we took a trip to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon! I loved the Grand Canyon! I've been wanting to go for a long time and finally got to go. It's such an amazing site. The only bad thing was my friend had a busted ankle, so we were limited on hiking around. 

: P

This is my French twin, her name is also Carolyn, we have the same birthday and born at the same time, but she in Paris and me in San Francisco. We met over 5 years ago at the Moulin Rouge in Paris while both celebrating our birthday and sat on the same table! We managed to keep in touch after all these years. She was in town for "burning man" and as u can tell, we are nothing alike! She's very hippy and bohemian style and she loved every minute at being on Haight Street. Which..I wasn't enjoying as much as she was, I only enjoyed the  20 minutes inside the Kidrobot shop! hahaha...

Back in May 2009 I got to go with my Mom to China and HK! I was very impressed with Kungming,Yunnan, LiJian, Guilin, and a few other places we went to. I had no idea how nice and pretty and modern as well! WOW! Then to HK to visit friends!

Other then that, I was taking some web design classes. I learned the basics, but I'm very limited on what I can build. My classes ended in Aug.

Oh, I help out with taking care of my nephew and niece. They are so cute and it's great to see them grow each day...and the things they learn!

That's all I have to update. Nothing exciting!

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These structures are an amazing site when you see it for your self,  The photo shows it a bit but not the same as seeing up close.

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This was my artjam painting...I really had no clue what to paint or draw, and initially, it was all green!  It stayed green for majority of the night. I gave in and went for the random look, and if you look closely on the bottom, my friend painted her doggy on it, Mr. Pepper by the tree! ha ha.

My friend's painting however, was very amazing! I had no idea she was so artistic!! Seriously!

I think I'm going to stick to  baking/cooking!

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This Christmas...

I wish I could of really celebrated it as best as i could. But I  admit, I didn't do my best to make this Christmas a merry one.

For some reason, there was a lot of negative things that happened.

Christmas Eve was suppose to be a fun potluck then midnight mass. I didn't make it to the pot luck, so i was a bit bummed and least I  did make it to midnight mass.The cab driver to church wasn't nice at all and had the short man syndrome! We didn't get a seat at mass, and it was so crowded it became unbearable at times.Then a girl kept staring at us the whole time! There was some people who were at the mass that was drinking, chewing gum, using mobile phones and wearing hats/caps in church. Obviously they were not practicing Catholics, and went just to go. I don't have anything against that, but at least be respectful of the church! One guy was also leaning against the holy water fountain and chewing gum! 

That night, on my way home, my cab nearly got hit by a drunk driver who didn't stop at his light. I saw it all happening and I remember thining OMG, it's going to hit my door if he doesn't stop or if the driver doesn't spin out to the right.  lucky my cab driver saw it  and spun out and braked in time so that the car wouldn't hit us. Thank God! But my  midnight snack was all over the dash board and window of the taxi!  The next morning, my left side of body was cramped from the force of the car's braking. I was just thankful to be alive!

This is the first Christmas back in HK and away from my family. Although I used to live in HK, I would usually go back to SF for Christmas or my family would come visit.

The biggest thing is, the last three Christmas, I've spent it with my nephew (3yr old) and neice(1 1/2 yr old). So this Christmas, not being with them was really hard. I really miss them and for the first time, I felt alone! Ironically, I discovered that I felt alone was when my friend yelled at me for being so cranky and pissy wissy about how Christmas in HK sucks. I also was complaining about how in the States, Christmas is about spending time with family and friends, but in HK it's about going to the parties,bars and LKF? 

I learned that doesn't matter where you are, it's the effort you put into it and how you want to celebrate it. I wish I remembered this earlier. Anyhow, I'm going to make sure I'll have a better attitude next year regardless where I am!

This is the Christmas tree, it's in the lobby, too lazy to bring it upstairs. haha


I had bruchettas for brunch..

I wanted to do something I normally do in the States during Christmas, so I baked an Angel food cake! (get the link, Angels!)

This was the best pans i can find for my cake...

The pan on the right  has a funny shark shape on the top! ahha

Because this cake only uses egg whites, I had lots of egg yokes! I decided to make creme bruelee!

It all turned out well and taste so good!! Too bad I don't have that torch thing here.

  I found this photo of my nephew and neice. IT's not the greatest, but it's so them!  miss you two!!!


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What is this...?

What is this?  It looked like snake skin? Everyone was picking it up and touching it, smelling it?

I, on the other hand was too afraid to touch it.

The store owner was too busy to entertain our curious minds.

Walking down, I saw this and felt Loved.

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Mix Bag...

  I really don't know why...but I love these nai nai dan machines. I go crazy if it's something I really like and even get obsessed with collecting the whole set.

This set is really really cute cute! Of course, I got the whole set. I had a few repeats, and of course, me being so nice, I gave the extra's/repeats to the person (JC) cause they admitted these were pretty cute after they called me called me dua nung (retarded) for nai nai-ing this. Another time, they had the Mo's Burger one's and I ran out of change, and asked a friend for  $5.00, she had the best response-"How old are you?"  

Yeah, I know, still a kid. I admit, growning up, there was a supermarket we go to everyweekend, and these toy machines were there. In the USA, it was the red covers, and plastered in front of the machine was the actual toys. $0.25 was the toys, and $0.10 would be the smaller toys, and $0.05 you can get a small handful of M&M, Mike & Ikes, or peanuts.I remember I would save my quarters or ask my grandmother or any adult who's willing to give me a quarter. When we get to the supermarket, I'll see if there's a toy I like and give it a chance. I never really got the toy I wanted, but it was fun going throught the process. My brothers were luckier, they always got the cool toys.

On my way to meet up with the girls, I saw this sticker. I thought of u guys, stephen, patrick & terrence!

This is what I found the girls doing...

I'm seeing what they are testing out?

Wow..really good nai chai..and i love this baggie handle. So Singapore when u buy soda from the old vendors on the street, they put it in a zip lock looking bag, and tie it up with a fig, and stick a straw in there for u. U hold it hanging and sip from the side! hahaha

My boring MTR ride to work..hmm..what's everybody doing. oh..that guy was really cute to look/drool at. hahaha..

I saw this and thought..oh. ok. hmm..hahahaha..

The English name is so appropriate!

The view from the was almost time to get off of work..a sign from the heavens!

I like to stare out the window at work...

oh...this was the major Japanese Feaste I cooked. We had Nobu's Miso Cod, tempura, terriyaki chicken, and salad.

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Two Interesting books...Not many like them around.

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Clouds...that will last..

I woke up one morning and saw this right outside my, while turning off the alarm on my phone, I snapped this photo.  I fell asleep again and when I woke up, the clouds were gone.

I guess nothing lasts forever, unless we make it. Sometimes things were just not meant to last forever.

Regardless if we are holding  on in our head, in our mind, it doesn't matter. Don't waste time..just do what you need to go and go go go!

When I woke up, I noticed my phone in my hand and the photo of this. So happy this wasn't a dream and it was real.

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My First Blog from Hong Kong!!

Hi Everyone,

I've been back to Hong Kong for just over a month now, and it's been a great to see friends and friends and friends.

I'm still amazed that I took this job and moved back to Hong Kong after I left just three years ago (2005) when I left  Disney. I can still remember when I first came to Hong Kong in 1997. I knew nothing much about the city, had only six friends here and no job! Gosh, I was young and brave to of just came here back then! It was truly a wonderful adventure and am glad to be back for another adventure!

Here's some photo's of odds and ends since moving back to Hong Kong!  This is going to be a long blog. I guess it makes up for the gap of time since the last one! Get a drink...haha.

I arrived in HK when it was Typhoon #3 and the next morning I was anxious to go to Tsue Wah for breakfast, and get my bank stuff up and running...but it was Typhoon #8.  This is what it looked like:

When it's a cleared day this is what it looks like;

Thank goodness, typhoon 8 ended and I got to go see Emme's show, where I got to surprised my buddy Jenny! Emme and I kept it a secret from Jenny that I'm moving back! Just wanted to surprise her since last time we kept it a secret from Emme that I was going to go to join them in Atlantic City. Well, that's cause Emme told me Las Vegas and I even got Cerina to book a ticket and we'll all meet there. But turns out, it wasn't Vegas, it was Atlantic City. My first thought was-OMG, Cerina is going to KILL ME! Then Jenny and I decide if we were able to make it out to AC, let's surprise Emme.  The hardest part of this was not answering/responding to Emme's email and phone calls to say sorry for the mix up!  Just like on Typhoon 8, I was bored out of my mind and here i was IM-ing with Jenny saying I'm in SF! It was all worth it cause it was so funny  when I had to call Jenny to come get me at the door and hear the excitment in her voice that I was right there!   haha..

Hi Jenny!!  Oh..the twins brothers too! Missing from the photo was my cousin renee and Stephen.

WOW...Emme can dance! This is the third time I've seen her sing/dance and OMG..amazing!

The next morning I finally got one of my favorite breakfast!  Cafe de Cora, Pork Cutlet with white sauce, egg, toast, tung sum fun and a cold milk tea!  It's not that it taste that great, it's just so nice to have a set with variety all for HK$23.00! In the US, it's like US$7.99 tax and tips not included at Denny's, IHOP, Lyon's for 2 eggs, bacon, and toast. Coffee/tea/juice not included, if you lucky, you'll get free refils.

I also started to hike up to the peak every other morning at 6am, the other days i go to the gym.  It's like HK is at peace.

I love seeing this cause it means I'm there, I can turn around and go back down!

Here's the view from where I sit at work. My office is in Tin Hau.  From this seat, i can see my old apartment in Causeway Bay and where I am living now behind the Bank of China building.

And because there is a wet market right by my office, I can go get my see lai bag and buy groceries at lunch. This time I was attempting to make soup! It was ok..but i had way too many left overs. I was tong-ed out...for about two weeks.


Instead of going out for dinner when we don't have plans, my cousin and I cook and eat in, we also bake so we have plenty of dessert  too.

It's also fun to go get fresh foods, cook it and eat it. It's cheaper, healthier and it's fun! '


My cousin loves her pasta, and chicken. I was eating the Chinese leftover's from the night before.

I made this apple was so good! Considering I just used all that was around the house! digestive crackers, butter, and Sugar.

Cousin's Carrot Cake. Yes, we both drink Yakult! One of the few things we have in common!

See how clean we manage to keep the kitchen after all that cooking/baking!

Then, out of now where, I hurt myself with a nasty fall, lost balanced, slipped...and this is what I ended up with! Painful and very very stinky, herbal wrap!

So until next time...see u all!

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The last few days....

Yesterday, I had a craving for Pinkberry! I called Erica and said, hey let's go for Pinkberry! Lucky for me, I got her voicemail cause as I was leaving her a message, I caught myself beings "chi seen". I was like, damm, I'm so stupid...I'm in San Francisco, and she's in LA!  I'm so retarded, I'm so used to being in LA, NY every other week for work that I forgotten I'm not traveling anymore and stuck in SF.

But..anyhow, I got the San Francisco version of it today..It was a perfect fix.

Erica called back and laughed at me for a long long time!  She said you are so "swaaw!" So you..haha..

So cause I was a ding dong...I ended up calling my on call bitch Thomas to come out and eat with me. We found parking and had a bite at this old school cafe dinner in the creamer pot.  heeh ee..

So today, the Prius is sold...I was a bit sad...because I do really liked it. It's so smooth, so quiet, so practical and roomy. ahh...

Well, MINI, it's just you and me now.

I seriously think this is the most I have ever very paid for GAS!

This was for the MINI!  Can you imaging how much it cost my dad for his X5? Double this..

The House....


Dinner...Mozzarella, Basil and Proscuitto. with balsamic vinagrette.


The line for the 3G phone wrapped around the store and it was said it'll be a 2 hour wait..but they have plenty of stock. It's just taking so long to activate the phones.


  We got in the store because my friend needed to ask a question on her keyboard/and schedule a mac genuis appointment. So I got to play with the display. IT's really nice....hmm...wait. wait.

My Dad's work hat when he would go out to the field to do his surveying/engineering that he's retired....

now that he's retired, this is where his hat sits...on top of the tool box in the garage, above the gabage bins. How fast we lose appreciation of things. hahaha....

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