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    Wednesday, Apr 10, 2013 2:25AM / Standard Entry

    Just realized I have forgotten to update the website in a while. But their is a reason for it, well, actually two reasons. Firstly, I am quite busy working on my new pieces that will be part of my first solo exhibition in Sweden. The opening will be on the 1st of June in Gothenburg, Sweden. Details will come very soon. At least I have came up with a title of the show. I am very exited about the whole deal and I am looking forward to see all of you for the opening. If you can´t make it the show will be up until end of June, so we have plenty of time.

    The second reason for not updating the site is because I just started to use Instagram. You can find and join me at @duelling_banjos as usual. Since my latest updates have been on Instagram I thought I should upload some of the pictures here as well. Until now I haven´t shown any pictures of the finished pieces, but I have been sharing parts of the process. And here they are, well, some of them. Thank you for all the comments and for following me, it means alot.

    All titles are still working titles. As I said. Still processing.

    969 + 119 = 187 (You do the math), 2013

    YE3 for president, 2013

    YE3 for president, 2013

    Screen saviour, 2013

    Screen saviour, 2013



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  • “Israel and Palestine” published online

    Sunday, Mar 31, 2013 7:53AM / Standard Entry

    This piece titled “Israel and Palestine” was just published on the online art site called Scene360/Illusion. Illusion is in their on words “The Illusion site is dedicated to featuring the most amazing creations in art, design, photography, technology and video. It displays projects of individuals with astonishing skills and creativity. From intricately cut paper art to live grass graffiti—one thing is certain, you will often think “WOW!””

    The painting itself is actually part of a triptych and is about being a child playing war games in a conflict area. It portray myself wearing a traditional Burmese lungyi aiming with a toy gun made of bamboo. The idea came up when I was travelling in Karen state, Myanmar. An area that have been suffering from one of the longest ongoing civil wars in the world. During my travel I came across a lot of bamboo toy guns being sold in the streets and all I could think of was how it would actually be like being a child raised by war. Especially since when I was a child, when we played, it was always us versus them. Cowboys vs Indians. Police vs Thieves.

    Israel and Palestine, 2011, Ink on paper, 76 X 56

    The two other pieces of the triptych was not published on the Scenec360 site but is shown below.

    Police and Thieves, 2011, ink on paper, 56 X 76

    Cowboys and Indians, 2011, ink on paper, 56 X 76

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  • New piece: Screensaviour

    Friday, Mar 29, 2013 4:06AM / Standard Entry

    Finished this piece during commercial break. Look mom, we´re on television. Didn´t learn anything from the news. Now a message from our sponsors. Is it true what they say? Switching channel. Same product, but this one contains whitening. The show is on again. The butler is always the killer.

    Screensaviour, 2013, ink on paper, 56 X 76 cm

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  • Teaser: YE3 for President

    Wednesday, Mar 27, 2013 3:52AM / Standard Entry

    As violence once again is spreading in Myanmar it is difficult to stay positive. But their is hope. VOTE for the YOUTH in 2015. Vote for the people who have yet not been polluted by militarism, corruption and intolerance.

    Detail: YE3 for President, 2013, ink on paper, 70 X 90 cm

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  • Working title: Go West (teaser)

    Friday, Feb 8, 2013 2:29AM / Standard Entry

    Today I finished the 2nd piece in the series “Distance of War” for my upcoming exhibition. The idea to include helicopters into the drone series came after reading the news about Russia sending a new shipment of MI-24 attack helicopters to Syria a few months ago. I have not followed up on that shipment. I just hope they never arrived because this kind of airmail is killing dreams.

    The piece has multiple colours, ink stamped on acrylic paper and contains the words: Inbox, Glasnost, Syria, Hind, Killing, Dreams

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