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Jasmine Law

1 am June 7th! My official visit back to AnD... YES I AM ALIVE!!!! ;-)

Hi y'all AnD friends!!It feels like forever since I visit this old stomping ground! SOOOO!!!Do I....a) Read up on my 200 odd feeds (ps: I might faint from them all)b) Go straight to bed! (It's waaaaaaaaaaay pass my bedtime! and I gotta get up in 4 & half hours)c) Procrastinate some mored) Procrastinate... (a whole lot MORE!... ummm is that even proper English?)e) Go back to option (b) as I am about to become slightly delirious! (did I mention that I gotta get up reaaaaaaaaally early?!?!)SO!On a more serious note (sorry I made a feed for those that haven't actually been reading feeds)I'm logging off and counting sheeps now!Good Morning!Good Afternoon!and Good Night all (whenever it is that you read this)Ok, who threw a party in anticipation of my return here... LOL

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Happy Chinese New Year everyone. May the new year bring you Peace, Joy & Prosperity

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Happy Birthday DY

Happy are those that have you as a friend! I would like to take this op to say.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY![](/attachments/2010/10/03/02/213280_201010030233431.thumb.jpg)

I've packed these ladies up and shipped them over to you.

(not sure in what condition will fed ex deliver them.. lol)

As a toast I bought a really BIG drink... but I kinda drank them all by myself! (considering you were too late to drink it yourself... hehehe)

Once again... Cheers big ears!

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To My Girl Brandy


On this fine day I hope your having a blast...

I came back here with a little gift... now remember to ring Fed-ex to find out what condition he's in.... hahaha

I came here today with a special guest to wish you a....


muah... lub ya girl

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Happy Birthday Elle

Hey Girl.

See how special you are... your Birthday is the occasion to drag my hinny back here just to make a blog about it :-)

Happy Birthday boo!

Lub ya xoxo

and I even brought a few studs to celebrate with you... hehehe

Enjoy!!!! hehe

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the return... well temporarily anyways.. hahaha

Ok so I have been missing for a while now... sorry life got in the way.

I thought what the hell give life outside of my comp a try.. and what do ya know.. it's a freaking jungle out there... scary!

Anywho... a little update and a few thanks.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes, Xmas, New Years and Birthday.. yes I know I'm a lazy biatch right now... but I lub ya sooo there :-P

I'm soooo scared to open all my feeds right now.. it's gonna take me a mil years to read it all... and how in the heck's name did I end up with 39 fans?!?!?! ehhhhh?!?!??! what happen and who are all these people? all with pretty much the same name!!!! ekkkkkkk stalker!!!!!!! hahha

So with that I'm outta here... byee all and I promise I'll b back soon!

and last but never least!

Thanks Rach for putting up with my moody shiet these past few weeks... sorry about your phone bill girl!

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My Wish to all

May you have a wonderful year ahead and may your wishes be fulfilled and you life be surrounded with joy laughter and love.

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Just us

For those curious minds....

Some quick snap shots of Martin and myself.. not the best quality since it was taken with my phone. I'll upload some other pix from the proper cam when i find a tini tiny bit more time :)

Just for you Rachie... hahaha

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Happy Birthday to Slinky dear


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