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Justine Lu

Let's do some dancing!

A group of Taiwanese guys do some dancing.. They're so passionate!


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Happy New Year 2011

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!! 恭喜發財,身體健康!!!

It's year of the rabbit. Hope everyone have a blessed new year and more success to all artists, find new love for all the singles , more passion to all lovers , and more food to all food lovers..

My year has been good. I did encounter some disappointing moments but more happy ones. I even met one AnD member who came from Shanghai last Christmas, thanks for the coffee mug.

Valentine's coming up.. Hope every single people can find their special someone including me. To all Hong Kong girls who are single.. let's be friends, who knows we might get that spark!

To AliveNotDead: More Power to you and Hope more fans do their best to support all their favorite artists.

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Too Much Love Will Kill You

The song says it all..


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Kristin Chenoweth

Such a talented person. She makes singing so easy, can't help but smile and listen to her pretty voice.


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Happy Mother's Day 2010

Just a simple poem dedicated to all the mothers out there. Happy Mother's Day!!!

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Got Job?

Okay, today is Labor Day, May 1, 2010. Have to work overtime today. Eyes feeling tired but I need to be awake and present a smiling face to my beloved customers. Working face-to-face with the customers is a very challenging task, because you'll need to be friendly no matter what situation arises, for example when there's a case of pilferage on the customer's package and you'll hear harsh words about your company. But as a professional employee, I must handle the problem properly and a calm manner, having calmed down the customer and will try my best to follow up on our Manila branch office with the investigation. Our goal is to provide the customers with the best quality customer service.. Just handle the situation.. like a boss.. Video: It's been two long years since I worked for this logistic company. I've already feel like it's time that I change for another company. It's not like I have a problem with my employer, I just want to meet new challenges in life, meet new people, and maybe can meet that special lady finally in the new working environment. But seriously, I know what I'm capable of doing and I want to learn more and earn more from working. Currently I'm still hoping that I can finally get a reply from the companies I sent my resume with.. Would be nice if I can be good with computers and experienced making websites like Boon here in AnD. Maybe someday I can also tell my own "Rags to Riches"  story to people who's interested in knowing what I've done in my life that get me where I am in the future.

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Burning Desire

This week started with a cool weather. Everything is humid. I can see the smoke coming out my mouth everytime I exhale. I prefer this kind of smoke than having a smelly and nicotine stuck on my gums due to cigarettes.

No matter what the temp is, I have a new song that I dig, already see the dance steps on Youtube. Now I'm going to practice the Hip Song and get jiggy with it. They say its hard to lose weight especially on this kind of weather. But I say the harder the fight, the more rewarding it is to win the war. I need to lose this belly of mine and get that abs.

A lighter body is fine so I can improve more on my taekwondo lessons. By end of this month, there'll be another belt exam for Green Belt. There goes me watching kicking patterns from younger kids who are a level or two higher than me. But that's okay, I don't need to showoff to everybody that I'm good. Just need to learn to protect my friends and myself from any person who mean harm. But if I were in a wrestling match, I'd rather have Mr. Terry Crews as my Tag Team partner.. I still laugh everytime I watch this commercial.


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Easter Holiday / Holy Week

It's not the same how we Filipino people celebrate holy week here in Hong Kong. In there, Catholic people commemorate the last days of our savior Jesus Christ. Most will be found in churches, others who do their own rituals of regretting their sins by carrying a cross and walk miles under the heat of the sun, sometimes they even pierce and whip themselves until their bodies are bloody and swollen which makes my feel weaken upon seeing those wounds. It really shows how people are devoted to their religion and how scary can these rituals maybe for some audience who have a weak heart.

On the other hand, its also the time for children to enjoy eating chocolates from the Easter Bunny. Have to buy some chocolate eggs for the kids, since I just joined in social service near my place. I already made friends with two kids that day, and this boy named Thomas is so smart. He can speak English, Cantonese, and Mandarin fluently which is so cool, but what's more cool is that he's very good mannered. I was dumbfounded when he greet me "Good Morning, Brother Justin!" haha..

Well on my next week off, I'm going to volunteer on babysitting again because it's more fun than just being bored at home..

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Wouldn't be..

  1. Wouldn't it be fun to have a celebrity for a friend. At first you thought they're just one of the ordinary people you just talk with and have fun goofing around. Then suddenly you are stormed by hundreds of fans wanting to get your friend's autograph except yours.. But of course as a good friend you are happy for their success and just pull that stupid friend of yours when they can't get out of the swarming hugs and kisses haha..

  2. Wouldn't it be nice that more sporting events are made so youths and elderly persons can join and make new friends. However I find it rather stupid for some contestants who join the marathon getting injured and suffer from cramps along the road.. even though I want to laugh, but that would be disrespectful. So I'll get a pack of ice for their cramps and smirk.. evil...

  3. Wouldn't it be better if you have a feelings for someone that you should be blunt and tell the truth. You never know that the person might have the same feelings for you too. If not, its better to at least try and finally get an answer rather than just keeping it to yourself looking like a retard longing for them to finally notice you. Well a toddler is more brave than you are to show what they think. They're not afraid of rejection because they have no idea on what's complicated for us adults and just a simple confession for them kids.

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